Having entered 2022: Our quest for dancers is not over–are you a dancer? We are looking for you

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Are you a dancer?  Do you have serious dance moves? We mean serious dance moves.  Do you ache to show these off in film production? If you can dance, we would like to talk with you

While the world is under lock-down because of the pandemic circling the globe and the Northern Hemisphere is starting to see colder weather making going outdoors less desirable, show us what you can do in the comments below.

Whatever your preferred form of dance, show us what you have.   Please send us a clip of a production you may have been in, or set up your cell phone to capture your best moves.

We are looking for all dancers, all ages, all forms of dance–from ballroom dancing to hip-hop, from tap dancing to world dance,  we want to see what you have.

This is not restricted to Michigan readers.  Wherever you may be from, show us what you got.

Now that we are in 2022, we are going to be looking for dancers for different film projects.  These are paid roles depending on training, experience, style of dance, and how much dancing is required of the character. We are not seeking “adult entertainers,” (meaning we are not looking for strippers, nor exotic/erotic  entertainers.)

Contact us at michiganmoviemedia2.0@gmail.com

Can you do any of these dances?






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