The Weekender congratulates Calhoun Koenig on her Sundance debut

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The cat is out of the bag! A huge congrats to my client the amazing Calhoun Shu Ting Yu. It’s Calhoun‘s Sundance debut in Jesse Eisenberg’s ”When You Finish Saving The World” with a star-studded cast.

I’m super proud of Calhoun! A huge shout out to the kick a#$ team over at SWAG for their hard work!

Team JTT is killing it! #JTPSTRONG #JTPSTRONG

From their(used to designate non-binary) IMDb page

Calhoun Koenig was adopted from Northern China at the age of 1 and has lived in New York, Delaware, Michigan, and currently resides in Los Angelos. They are passionate about telling great stories and love literature, art, and neuroscience. They are a singer, dancer, scuba diver, writer, painter/multi-media artist, and accomplished pianist.

IMDb Mini Biography By: Nancy Oeswein

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