The Michigan-made fan film ‘Justice League Task Force’ will be released online January 28

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The upcoming fan film, “Justice League Task Force” is set to release on January 28th. It will be streamed digitally through Roku and YouTube with more platforms coming soon! The movie has everything from the characters in this composite photo above –

Justice League Task Force is a fresh new take on the superhero genre, with Kevin Cowell and Eric Levid at its helm. The production team includes Zachary Leighton as Director of Photography and producer Tubio Betjard who also handles fight choreography for each action sequence in this movie!

The Justice League has always been a symbol of power and justice in the DC Universe, but now they’re going after some serious bad guys. The original members are on this strike team along with new selections from across America!

Starring in these legendary roles will be Grant Ellis as Batman, Shamus Smith as Batman X, Robert Holland as Superman, Doug Saunders as Dr. Fate, Chris Bowman as the Crimson Avenger, Pjeter Gjonaj as Vigilante, Carlos Clark as Young El, Ryan Minarik as Jay Garrick, Tristan Rewald as Starman, Aaron Wacker as Alan Scott, and Zay Louis as Grifter, after a lengthy hiatus are all called back into action by Hannibal Martin.

Watch with excitement as these characters take on one of the most important missions of their careers.,  You will see Batmen clashing, speedsters tearing through dimensions, immortal sorcerer’s rewriting reality, Kryptonians standing for justice, and more.  This film has everything!  You will not want to miss this.

Says NotSangretti, “Thank you for your support, and see you on January 28.”

Justice Leagure: Task Force is a Distant Worlds Film

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