Meet the Official First Lady of LP Entertainment–Chynna Abraham

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Chynna Abraham is the first lady of LP Entertainment.  This is according to a Facebook post that appeared on December 13th, 2021.

According to this post, director/writer/producer Lorenzo Peirson wrote:

She’s been down with LP Entertainment from day one! I’m so proud of her. She’s the Official First Lady of LP Entertainment 👑 Actress Chynna Abraham. Be on the lookout. You’ll be seeing a whole lot of her in upcoming films and other projects that are dropping this month and next month! We rep that small city Saginaw 🌏🎥
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— with Chynna Abraham and Lorenzo Pierson.

Chynna Abraham is a very talented actress. She started working with director and producer Lorenzo Pierson in 2017. Her very first stage play “Dangerously In Love” Abraham followed up with leading roles in Pierson’s other stage plays such as “A Sister’s Betrayal” “The Dope House” and “Til Death Do Us Part”

Chynna Abraham’s first movie role was in Pierson’s first film “Trapped By Deception” as a supporting actress which is currently streaming on Tubi. Chynna Abraham’s first lead role is in Lorenzo Pierson’s 2nd film “Perfect JUSTICE” which premiers worldwide on Tubi this month. Chynna Abraham follows that up with the starring role in the highly anticipated movie “Just Sex” which is coming to theaters on January 22nd, 2022.

“She is a very talented, hard-working young woman who is passionate and dedicated. Chynna Abraham has a very bright future and I’m excited for her because now the world gets to witness her gifts” says producer Lorenzo Pierson.

In the next couple of months, LP Entertainment has a host of projects debuting worldwide on Tubi from stage plays to movies!

Not only are Chynna Abraham and Lorenzo Pierson both from Saginaw, but Abraham is now Saginaw’s first female actress to have worldwide platforms and Lorenzo Pierson is Saginaw’s first and only director, producer, and writer to have his own company sign a major distribution deal worldwide.

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