Important mandate imposed for private screening of Fellpeller Studio’s ‘Saturnalia’–if you go, you must show!

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If you plan on attending Fellpeller Studio’s free private screening of their latest feature film,  “Saturnalia”  you must be prepared to prove that you are Covid free.   This is surely an effective way of reducing the numbers of anticipated guests to a manageable level and for Fellepeller Studios it is an effective way of washing their hands of any bacteria spread in a social atmosphere. After all, no one wants to get sick, and no one wants to make someone else sick, do we?

“Saturnalia” Fellpeller Studios next feature film will be screening at The Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor on December 16th! This is a FREE event, all are welcome.

Said Jason Allen in a Facebook post, “I am hosting an intimate screening of the film at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor on December 16th before we take it out on the film festival circuit. Stay tuned for more exciting news on how to get tickets and all that jazz!

Satan has been trying to lose his virginity and take over the world for centuries by spawning the antichrist. But in order to do this, he must possess a human and use their body because he was cast down from heaven without the ability to reproduce.

That’s where Dan comes in – a lonely college grad with no friends who sublets his walk-in closet out to Satan. Dan is desperately in love with Lilly, who doesn’t even acknowledge his existence. Dan’s lack of confidence may hinder his ability to find true love but not if Satan has anything to do with it.

About Jason Allen
Jason Allen is a writer, director, production designer, producer, and co-founder of the indie film team Fellpeller Studios. Born on May 18th, 1998 in Tarpon Springs, Florida,  Jason now resides in Michigan. Jason is known for Saturnalia (2022) Road Runner (2020) and Camp Murder (2021). Other credits include Crow (2021) and Made For This (2022).

About Fellpeller Studios
A production company and media collective, comprised of writers, directors, musicians, and artists who are dedicated to the pursuit of independent cinematic expression and providing assistance to those who believe in the same. We can’t wait to work with you.



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