Ms LB Brown ‘These Men for Everybody’ premieres January 8 at the Bel Air Lux Cinema

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Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer! But sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart!

When disloyalty, deceit, jealousy, and betrayal, infiltrate a circle of tight-knit friends secrets is revealed, bonds are broken, lives are destroyed and the only person left to trust is yourself!

“These Men for Everybody,” written by authoress Lisa Brown is the story of a group of friends in Detroit torn apart when secrets of betrayal come out that lead them to take revenge on narcissistic men and their jump-offs.  This is a movie you do not want to miss.

Starring DeMaris Harvey, Crystal “The Doll” Hughes  (known for The Bag Girls (2020), Mica A. Bivings (known for “He Played Me” (2021), Kaamel Hausan (Diezel) (known for Indictment: Who Is Jonathan Carter? (2020)  Eastside Boom (known for Ashbury Park (2021), Jasmine Cherelle, Phillip Granger, Jehtaura Bradley, and celebrity actors Snoop (from “The Wire”) and Tyriq “Fatboy” Kimbrough (known for “Trust Nobody”)

In a post that appeared on Facebook, authoress Lisa Authoress Brown

“What Better Day Than My Birthday To Drop The Movie Premiere Date Of My New Film  “These Men For Everybody””

Calling all my Baddies and Bosses out for the
These Men For Everybody” movie premiere
Saturday, January 8th,2021
Bel Air Lux Cinema
7:00 pm Red Carpet
8:00 Movie Showtime
$25 General Admission
$50 VIP (VIP Tickets Include Preferred Seating With Main Cast and Celebrity Actors From Movie)
Starring @crystal.the.doll @demarisharvey @kaamelhasaun @bigmamalina @kingsmakekings @misses.chocolate.h2ocean @eastside_boom Guest Starring @bmoresnoop @fatboy

Tickets Available At Eventbrite
Link Below 👇🏽…/these-men-for-everybody.

This premiere was a stone-cold blast.  With over 100 people in attendance,  this movie was well received with everyone giving it a positive review.   Since this movie premiered,  it now appears on Tubitv

About Author Lisa “Ms LB” Brown
Best Selling Author Lisa Brown (Ms. L.B.) was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. A divorced mother of two sons, she currently holds a degree in Child Development, Business Management, and General Studies.

In her free time, she loves to read and travel. Ms. L.B. hopes her writings will help to empower other women by motivating them to turn their pain into their purpose. After publishing four books and becoming a best-selling author Ms. L.B. established Plush Publishing in 2019 to give new authors a voice and platform. Her Self-Help Book “Lets It Go Sis! It’s Time to Move On!” is currently on Amazon’s Best Seller list. Author Lisa Brown is using the knowledge and expertise learned during her writing journey to help other self-publishing authors become Best-Selling Authors as well.

She currently has 5 Published Books (Three Fiction Novels) “He Played Me Part 1” and “He Played Me Part 2”, based on her True Story and Secret Enemy. (Self-Help Book) “Let It Go Sis! It’s Time to Move On!” and (A Guide to Self-Publishing) “Shut Up and Write!”

Going through a crisis will change you, whether for the good or bad, is ultimately up to you. It took fighting thirteen felonies and being shot twice, for her to fully understand: Sometimes you have to lose it all, to understand it all.

Lisa Brown is also a business owner and serial entrepreneur. In 2015 she launched her first business, She Got Style Boutique (formerly known as My Heart Desires Boutique), followed by Sitting Pretty Glam Bar in 2018, both based in the metro Detroit area.

For Ms LB Brown’s books,  check out her author page on Amazon.



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