‘The Bag Girls 2’ premieres December 4, Emagine Theater

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They’re back!  Wil Lewis III’s Bag Girls are back with a sequel that everyone has been waiting for.

“The Bag Girls” was an indy production straight out of the D about four women who escalate their game each time with a bigger and bigger heist, until they get in over their heads.  Immediately upon release,  the original “The Bag Girls” was compared to other movies about empowered women who work to claim what is theirs.

Starring Crystal the Doll as Deandre,   L.A. Love as Nola, Samantha 3d Na’Tee James as Daisy, and Carmen Mi’chelle as Crystal,  the girls successfully rob Walter, prominent business owner and cheating Deandre’s two-timing husband the group decided to up their game and try their hands to grab bigger spoils.

Robbing the “Truth Gentlemen’s Club,” Nola’s place of employment, they adopt the names of designer handbags so they weren’t recognized during their robberies. Gaining notoriety, “The Bag Girls’ are hired to do a job that’s way over their head when they go against Miami’s Cuban mafia.

Wil Lewis III, owner of L.B. Productions and UrbanCineplex Entertainment LLC film companies out of Detroit, MI, is a filmmaker who doesn’t believe in doing it the Hollywood way and specializes in putting controversial content and storylines into his films. His films have a strong connection with street life because growing up in Detroit city, Lewis has seen it and has done it all. “The Bag Girls” reflects this gritty realism. It’s a movie that tells it as it is.

L.B. Productions and UrbanCineplex Entertainment LLC films may make some people uneasy about their content but the in-your-face way these films are made always starts a discussion about inner-city street life and a way to make a change. These are Lewis’ stories told his way.

Lewis made his first film “The Life –Sex, Drugs & Violence” in 2004, a Detroit city underground hit. For years after that, he perfected his craft by working on other projects big and small until 2013 when he executive produced, directed, wrote, and starred in “The Life – Sex, Drugs & Violence part II.”

In 2016, Wil co-executive produced, directed, and starred in “Motor City Living” a film that premiered locally to an overflowing theater and has been a Detroit city favorite film since its release.

In 2016, Lewis wrote, directed and executive produced the film “Switch” which has been the most popular drama on streaming platforms for an extended period of time, and in 2018 he directed and executive produced the comedy film Dagram.

“The Bag Girls 2”  will have a Red Carpet Premiere, Saturday, December 4tth, at the Emagine Royal Oak Theater,  200 N. Main Street, Royal Oak, Michigan.  Tickets are $25 general-$50 VIP. Contact Wil 313-300-9129.  Or Howard at 313-648-3524. Or pick up at Spudz Heads, 16400 W. McNichols, Detroit, MI Red Carpet 7:00 PM, Movie starts at 8:00 PM.

The ending of “The Bag Girls,”where this next episode picks up.

A Wil Lews III Film.

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