Nicholas Holland’s ‘An Intrusion’ starring Yooper favorite Kayla Kelly to play The Braumart Theater, Iron Mountain, MI

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From Kayla Kelly

Two-part announcement regarding the film, “An Intrusion.” I can hardly contain my excitement!

1.) I am pleased that not only will An Intrusion be available on Amazon Prime, Vudu, iTunes, Verizon, Comcast, and more, it will also release the same day (Friday, Nov 26th) to select theaters across the US, (and even a few other countries!). Some of the cities/ theaters are listed in the second picture below. I will announce the rest as I am provided with the information.

2.) To my Yooper/ New friends and family, I am very excited to announce that we will also get to have a screening locally at The Braumart Theater at 106 E B Street in Iron Mountain, MI on Sunday, January 9th at 2 PM.

For details, listen to Kayla share it below:

🤩 You guys! We’re having a hometown screening! Ahhh! Huge thanks to Jinx Brew, Fay Mannon-Rahoi, Seth Anderson, the film’s producer, Sam Logan Khaleghi, and the Friends of the Braumart for making this happen!

The Braumart is where I started my acting journey; not only in theater as a teenager, but it was where I had my on-screen debut as well (Nowhere, MI). It was my first red carpet experience with Northbound, and I couldn’t be happier that they are excited to show my latest film here as well.

Details to come, stay tuned my friends! Forever grateful for each opportunity I’m afforded in this industry and for everyone who has been supportive in this community and beyond. Your support means so much! 🥰 Details to come!

Link to trailer in the comment section!

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  1. I have a small production company that is releasing our first feature film Dec 18, 3021. Can someone suggest some methods of free/low cost press release or online press?
    Thank you

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