(Watch) ‘Distracted By Women’ an exclusive full trailer a Jane Dabish Production

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Set against a repetitive hip-hop-like beat, this exclusive trailer for Jane Dabish’s “Distracted By Women” full trailer comes in at over 11 minutes in length.  (The conventional trailer is approximately two minutes long.) So, prepare yourself. Strap yourself in and watch scenes from Jane Dab’s latest rom-com musical, “Distracted by Women.”

As per the writer/director/producer, Jane “Dab” Dabish.

A romantic comedy musical, in “Distracted by Women. Paul falls for Samatha. After Covid 19 Paul meets Samatha picking a flower from his garden and he approaches her. After he wakes up from a bad nightmare, they talk and he invites her to watch him play at a gig. Other women are drawn to him as well. He has a terrible nightmare of a madwoman trying to pull off his pants down while he’s on stage singing. Then he seeks therapy for it because it haunts him and it keeps letting it get to him.

That’s when he sees Dr. John Paul, who tries to write in his journal to feel better. When he falls for Samatha he starts writing romantic songs and his bandmate gets frustrated because it’s a rock group. Natasha works with Paul loves him but never said it to him. She gets jealous quickly because she wants to get her way with Paul. Does his rock band fall apart? Because Paul sees Samatha and he can’t stop writing romance? Do they all hold it all together well to continue to move forward like a rock band?

Starring Scott Crossman, Dinah Tutein,  Erin Birch  Alex Hudson, Corrine Skye Kavanagh, and Melanie Gresham, “Distracted by Women”  is a  Jane Dabish Production. Coming spring 2022.

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