(Watch) ‘Dear Future Husband’ official trailer, or watch it in its entirety on Amazon

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Since she was a little girl, Nicole Taylor has only wanted one thing: To be a wife.

On her lifelong search for the perfect husband, Nicole’s journey takes her through a myriad of ups and downs, as she struggles to serve God while trying to find love.

, Kamal Smith,  and produced by  Black-Smith Enterprises and Nyambe Nichole Productions. “Dear Future Husband” stars Deborah Lane Spencer as Nicole Taylor, Kaamal Hausen as Shawn Lindsey, Kourtney “Nunu” Thurman as Denise Thompson, Alphonso Settles as Maurice Jones, Dez Cortez Crenshaw as Corey Taylor, Sr., Dominic Monroe Crenshaw as Corey Taylor, Jr. and La’Tia Davis as Danielle Johnson, James Abernathy as Eric Johnson, among others.

The crew for “Dear Future Husband” included Darrel Campbell as cinematographer, Janaya Black as editor, Cullen Brooks as sound, Darrell Campbell as composer.

Dear Future Husband is available for viewing on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Dear-Future-Husband-Deborah-Spencer/dp/B097BLLTGX

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