Tune-in to Dead Airwaves on KKRN 88.5 to listen to Thomas M. Malafarina’s ‘A Few Imperfections’

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Tune in to  KKRM 88.5 Friday morning, November 19 at 2 AM (Pacific),  5 AM (Eastern) to hear “Cut Purse” by William Hjotsberg and “A Few Imperfections” by Thomas M. Malafarina.

Read by Earl Wynn-Rubsam and Nancy Urquhart Bueler.

Credits by Jackie Ayers.

Theme music by Tim Slade

About KKRN FM 88.5 Round Mountain, California.

KKRN FM is a volunteer-based, listener-supported radio station fostering positive social change and healthy communities by entertaining, informing,  and educating through diverse music, culture, news, and public affairs programming.
That’s https://kkrn.org/Or Dead Airwaves

  • Every Friday, 2:00am3:00am (Pacific)
Dead Airwaves is a short story show with stories by William F. Nolan, Jack Dann, Rod Searline, John Collier, Richard Christian Matheson, G. Wayne Miller, and more! Narrated, Sometimes with music, sometimes with SFX, or acted by actors. Listen LIVE on 88.5 KKRN, OR KKRN.ORG Trying to Preserve and keep n memory of my favorite writers/friends’ stories of horror, SF, and dark fantasy.  The show is a presentation of Screaming Eye Press, Created by Mark Slade, Chauncey Haworth, and Cameron Hampton.  All art is by Cameron Hampton. www.screamingeyepress.com/
Also, check out The Archived Episodes on https://anchor.fm/mslade


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