(Watch) Dave Fairman’s concept trailer for ‘Kill Will’ now online

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In a small town bar just after closing, Will (played by Matthew Swift)), the new dishwasher, and Annie (Ashley Killips), the bartender, strike up a friendship. Both outsiders in their own way, they bond over darts and a beer. Just as romantic flames ignite between them, two strangers arrive.  Pretending to look for assistance, the strangers attempt to kill Will and Annie in cold blood.

Barely escaping with their lives, Will and Annie are forced on the run, the hitmen hot on their tails. Faced with a past he thought he put behind him, Will must confront these two men before they complete their one objective: to kill Will.

“This is the concept trailer for our short “Kill Will” project we made prior to working on the current feature film. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work.” says writer/director Dave Fairman.

This is the synopsis for writer and director Dave Fairman’s latest thriller.  A short film,  “Kill Will” stars Matthew Swift (Known for Neon Detroit Nights (2019), as Will, Ashley Killips (known for her role in Fairman’s “Debt”) as Annie, Tom Storer (known for his role in “Debt”) as Brooks, Trevor Penn (a cameraman and electrician, known for his role in Another Brick in the Wall (2016) as Lewis, Phil Rumley (known for “Debt”) as Harold, among other Michigan actors.

Since entering filmmaking, Dave Fairman has directed and produced a number of different award-winning short films to his credit.  The titles he has created have included Tracker (2017), Nosey (2017), Smoke Break (2018), Debt (2019).

Dave Fairman also has a podcast online on which he talks about film.  It is called Indiefinitive.

(From the Indiefinitive website. )

I’m Dave Fairman and this is INDIEfinitive.

I am a filmmaker. Writer, director, editor, producer, occasionally prop master, sometimes fight choreographer, or maybe even a poor excuse for a wardrobe consultant – whatever it takes to get things made.

And that’s what INDIEfinitive is really about – it’s about documenting my journey as a filmmaker and that of the people I’m lucky enough to work with.

So we’ll talk about all the things we think about when we’re trying to make movies. We’ll talk about the experiences of production, being on set, trying to get on set, writing, preproduction, acting, directing, post-production, distribution, all of it.

We’ll interview a lot of other filmmakers and talk about how they make stuff. That could be directors and actors and producers and so on.

And of course, we’ll talk about the movies and shows that inspire and interest us, because let’s be honest – that’s what we’re thinking about a lot of the time anyway.

But this isn’t meant to be the end-all be-all guide to filmmaking. We’re not going to pretend we know every essential tip you need to hear. The internet is full of “definitive lists” that claim to have all the answers, and that’s not really what this is.

We’re just gonna tell you about our experiences and what we go through as we go on this journey. It’s a look at how we do it, the only way I know how, and the things we’re thinking about along the way.

I hope you’ll come along with us. I don’t claim to know all the answers. This isn’t your definitive guide to filmmaking.

This is INDIEfinitive.


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