Northern Iron Productions ‘Zero Hour’ is now on Roku

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After striking up an unusual friendship, an aging PTSD Vietnam Vet and Mob hit-man is challenged to re-evaluate his entire life. Written by Doug Phillips, Northern Iron Productions, 2004-21.

Last Tuesday, my Feature film “Zero Hour” (74 min.) went live on the free Roku channel “Creative Motion Network.” (Adult topics submenu.) It’s a gritty faith-based film aimed at a dual audience, which is always a difficult balancing act.

A review by The Dove Foundation is in process. I expect it to be “Approved for Ages 12+,” but you never know until you get the email.

I shot most of this film back in 2004, but it was never released. I got ownership back last year, added a few scenes, fixed some audio, did what I had to do to make it complete.

Like all of my films that I’ve put on Creative Motion, it finished in the Top Ten Viewed during its first week. If some of you who have Roku would check it out, maybe it can stay on the list for a second week. I promise you, the film is fairly unique.

To add that channel to your Roku menu, just go to creativemotiononline(dot)com and click the Add link.

Doug Phillips

Zero Hour also appears in full on Vimeo 

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