Lisa Brown’s erotic thriller ‘He Played Me’ one of the top five indie films in the country

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It should come as no surprise that Lisa Brown’s erotic thriller “He Played Me” has been ranked as one of the top five indie films in the country these past two weeks.  It ranked as the number one most viewed article on Weekender for almost fourteen days running, blowing everything else that was posted for this period out of the water.  And this article was originally posted on June 11, 2021.

It came as no surprise to the cast and crew of this production when they received notice from Homestead Entertainment.  They had been fixed on the number of hits this movie was receiving on TubiTV, Amazon Prime, and UCult.TV.

On August 20, Alphonso Settles who played Jai the heel in “He Played Me” announced joyfully in a Facebook post, “He Played Me is worldwide now,…over 25,000 shares from just ONE post in under a week!”  This was Settles’ first lead role since he announced he was going to pursue acting full-time.

Already, after the first week, Lisa “The Authoress” Brown, on whose true-life story “He Played Me” was based, was feeling congratulatory.  She did not hold back, “To My Cast! I LOVE YOU! Without YOU This Moment Would Not Be Happening! Every Single Person That Had Their Hands In This Movie Understood How Special This Movie Was To Me! How Important It Was To Get My REAL LIFE Story Out Here The RIGHT Way! This IS and WAS Wayyyyyy Deeper Than Just “Filming A Movie” and Y’all Went Hard For Me! For That I Will Always THANK! Appreciate! and LOVE EVERY Last One of You GUYS! WE! WE! WE! Did THAT.”

While the numbers were on fire,  they had no idea how this compared with other productions released during this period.  That is until they received this announcement from Homestead Entertainment. Nothing else accompanied this announcement,  but the cast and crew had done it.  They were doing it.  Representing the D,  they were crushing it.  And the numbers bore this out.

The cast and crew were not the only ones who were conscious of what they were achieving.  Lisa Brown posted this message from Dennis Reed, “This is crazy…I have never SAW  (sic) a movie do this before!” Sh**t Just Got Real Around Here!! #If You Know…You Know!! #Streams Still Going Crazy #Blessed.

Based on a true story by Lisa “Ms. LB” Brown, “He Played Me” is an erotic thriller about how lust, love, lies, and sex can lead you down a dark path full of passion, jealousy, hate, betrayals, and ultimately your demise.  This indie Detroit feature had gone viral.

Written and produced by Lisa Brown, directed by Kamal Smith, “He Played Me” stars Alphonso Settles, Shelby Leigh, Kameel Diezel Hausun, Aqeel Ash-Shakoor, Latoya Page, Mica Bivings, Meechie F. Baby,  with Aria Moody, Devin Banks, Phil Nochill, Darrett King, and Shawtez Prince.

Numbers don’t lie.  “He Played Me” is on fire.  With no signs of abating,  it looks as though it is going to burn up the Earth.  It also looks as though it will launch the careers of two of Michigan’s biggest stars.

About Author Lisa “Ms LB” Brown
Best Selling Author Lisa Brown (Ms. L.B.) was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. A divorced mother of two sons, she currently holds a degree in Child Development, Business Management, and General Studies.

She currently has 5 Published Books (Three Fiction Novels) “He Played Me Part 1” and “He Played Me Part 2”, based on her True Story and Secret Enemy. (Self-Help Book) “Let It Go Sis! It’s Time to Move On!” and (A Guide to Self-Publishing) “Shut Up and Write!”

In her free time, she loves to read and travel. After publishing four books and becoming a best-selling author Ms. L.B. established Plush Publishing in 2019 to give new authors a voice and platform. Her Self-Help Book “Let It Go Sis! It’s Time to Move On!” is currently on Amazon’s Best Seller list. Author Lisa Brown is using the knowledge and expertise learned during her writing journey to help other self-publishing authors become Best-Selling Authors as well.

Going through a crisis will change you, whether for the good or bad, is ultimately up to you. It took fighting thirteen felonies and being shot twice, for her to fully understand: Sometimes you have to lose it all, to understand it all.

“My baby Eboni Patton surprised me with “He Played Me” cover poster, T-shirt, and blowed-up magazine cover!! This woman never ceases to amaze me, I kinda fought back tears as she presented this to me, this is just SUPER DOPE!!!!!”

On Alphonso Settles and his lead character Jai

Alphonse Settles, who is quickly attaining notoriety as a “choke artist,”usually the charming, handsome, tall bald guy with some issues that will surface later on in the film, portrays this dog Jai, who wears many faces throughout the film depending on who he is dealing with. He has a boss-type attitude and whatever Jai wants, Jai gets. At any cost.

What’s Next
These two, neither Lisa Brown nor Alphonso Settles are not going to sit on their laurels.  Already there is talk of filming the second in the series of “He Played Me”.  Based on Lisa Brown’s “He Played Me Part 2”,  this is going to prove to be as hot as this one.

Says Lisa Brown, “I’m so proud to say I was my very own wardrobe stylist for my movie! It took hours and patience But I literally handpicked each outfit (rather provided by cast or purchased by me) and matched them to every scene in my movie! I spent so much money out of pocket purchasing a wardrobe for the look I wanted. But looking back it was so worth it! 🙌🏽 I was not going to throw this movie together and get classified as “Just another hood movie”! I love my city but I want to be so much bigger than “Just another Detroit movie producer ” When I say “I put in work” for this movie! I put in work, baby! No partners.. No investors.. No financial help! From the very beginning… I refused to give anybody but God the right to say “If it wasn’t for me” with anything that has to do with “He Played Me”! Check Out The Currently #1 Movie Being Streamed on TUBITV!

Alphonso wrote, “Ok, so after nearly a year of talks and the untimely passing of DMX,…you are now looking at the newest cast member for DMX last movie Doggmen!!! God is so good and waits till you all see the action I will be doing in this film. It’s only up from here and I can’t wait to get to work!”

It’s only up from here.  Stay tuned.
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