‘Uncle’ premieres Saturday, September 10th at Royal Starr Film Festival

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Uncle is having its world premiere on Saturday, September 10th at Emagine Theatres, Royal Oak. Tickets for the Royal Starr Film Festival are available at http://BoxOffice.RoyalStarr.org

Written by John Coates, directed by Steven Spencer and John Coates, “Uncle” stars Jimmy Doom, Beth Hyland, John Moltane, and Izabelle Jones.

“Uncle” is a political satire short film that draws attention to the dangers of political polarization and corruption,

Set in the microcosm of a remote home, two children are left to live alone after being abandoned by their parents. A peculiar pair of strangers arrive, calling themselves their “Uncles.”

“Uncle” is produced by CS Media and Making Shapes.


Tickets are on sale! Come see Uncle. on September 10th in Royal Oak.


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