Filmmakers, if you had one source from which you could locate properties, vehicles, boats, etc….

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Filmmakers, if you had one source from which you could locate properties, vehicles, boats, etc., and you knew in advance how much things would cost, would this help?

As a filmmaker,  you are no doubt always on the search for properties that you could use with permission as your next film set.  If you are like many,  these searches may entail the tried and true methods of employing a location scout, or networking and hoping you find something that suits your needs.  This is not to discount the important work that location scouts and managers do.  But, both of these could be time-consuming and are often hit and miss.

Now imagine having one source that you could refer to find available properties.  Many people within the filmmaking community or filmmaker-friendly individuals are sitting on properties that they would happily lend out as film sets.

Many of these things come at a price.  What if in this source you found how much an owner would need to rent this property to you.  You knew that you would need such property for a day, several days, a week, or a month for your principal shooting.  If you knew what this would cost in advance, you could factor this into your budget.  Would you find this helpful?

What if you needed something larger than a simple cottage in the woods.  Let’s say you were looking for a commercial property,  say, from a small storefront building to a massive warehouse.   By referring to this source, without scouring the city, or your metropolitan area, you could save yourself considerable time.

What if you were in need of, say, a boat, or a vehicle, a car of a certain make and model, a private airplane, or a helicopter,  that you could use for that certain shot.  Would such a resource help you?

Granted, there are websites available already that feature real estate on the market, and others that offer cars for sale, etc.  But what if this site offered these exclusively to the filmmaker.  Everything was prepared in advance so that all you would have to do is locate what you wanted online-at this source-possibly travel to check it out in person, and once you arrived and found what you were looking for, you found any necessary paperwork, etc., as needed waiting so that when you found what you wanted you could seal the deal.  You wouldn’t have to pitch and persuade the owner for permission to use what you needed.  Would this help?

This is just an idea.  We would like to read your comments.  What do you as the filmmaker think?

As an example,  here George Gonzalez, an actor and fellow film aficionado offers an honest-to-goodness cottage in Clay County, Michigan.  Clay Township is a civil township of St. Clair County in the U.S. state of Michigan.

Fair Haven, Marine City, Algonac, New Baltimore, St. Clair, Columbus, Richmond, and New Haven are all within a half hour’s drive of Clay Township. Clay Township is part of several concentric circles of communities that add to both our quality of life as citizens and our opportunities as business people.

Here he writes of this cottage and offers photos both inside and outside.  This is a real cottage, and a genuine offer to allow use to any filmmaker interested.  Would that be you?  George has included his contact information.


I’m George González, part-time actor and full-time movie aficionado who would love to help any Michigan filmmakers who need to do a lakeside scene.

My wife and I own an 800 sq foot cottage at 8404 Anchor Bay Drive, Clay Twp, two bedrooms, one bath. We also have the other side of the street where a beautiful canal would be great for a scene of someone in a serene setting fishing or whatever.

My contact info:
George González
Cell: 586-604-6634
Email: gonzonyc1953@yahoo.comchrck out the pics!

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