Purchase Tickets For Rob E’s ‘Project Horror @ Virtual Theater’ on August 23, 2021

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The tickets for  September 17, 2021, showing of Rob E’s “Project Horror” and “Run Girl Run” at the Royal Starr Film Festival at the Emagine Royal Oak apparently went quickly  They are all sold out!  This, a full month before they were to share a double billing.

But it is still possible to see Rob E’s “Project Horror!” See it before it is scheduled to play at the Royal Starr Film Festival You can watch it in the comfort of your living room as part of the Detroit Trinity International Film Festival on August 21st! A virtual event, watch it online by going to
https://watch.eventive.org/…/play/610e9ce6b32d7513fe602334 the night of the screening.

Or you can watch the film from your home as part of the I See You Awards on August 23rd at 7:30 pm, The Director, Rob E will be live for Q & A afterward. This is a virtual event and you’ll be able to attend from home!  https://www.bingewave.com/…/bc65d3ce-970d-4268-a8e0…

Robert E’s debut opus, “Project Horror,” a horror movie guaranteed to change horror movies, has been making the rounds of the Michigan film festival circuit. Since it started, it has been officially selected to appear at the Detroit Trinity International Film Festival, August 19-22, 2021, and the I See You Awards, August 19-22, 2021; and the Royal Starr Film Festival, scheduled September 9-19, 2021.

At the I See You Awards, it has been nominated Best Picture/Best Cast, Best Director/Best Editing-Robert E, Best Original Screenplay–Robert E and Albert Gerber, Best Score–Gabriel Pilon, Best Lead Actor–Bobby Laenen, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Up-and-Coming Actress–Callie Bussell, Best Supporting Actor–Brian Heintz and Ammar Nemo, Best Cinematography–Andrew Sosa, and Hottest Up-and-Coming Actor–Patrick Harney.

Says director Rob E. “So proud of everyone involved with Project Horror! It truly takes a team to complete a film, and I’m so grateful for the team we had on this film. It’s really an honor to be nominated by the I See You Awards for these awards!

Written by Robert Holland and Albert Gerber, directed by Robert Holland, “Project Horror stars Bobby Laenen as Agent 1, Spring Lyons as Joy, Patrick Harney as Agent 2, Callie Bussell as Beth, Brian Heintz as Eric, Ammar Nemo as Dylan, Carrie Holland Andrew Sosa Jason Allen Al Gerber Gabriel Pilon, and Robert Holland.

The premise of “Project Horror” is this: A birthday party takes a dark turn. What happened the night of Beth’s birthday party? Will Jamie be able to help Agent 1 in solving the mysterious events that unfolded?

Says director Robert Holland on Facebook, “The feedback has been overwhelming!! I can’t wait to finish this movie and share it with you all. This is all grassroots marketing, so I can’t thank you enough for sharing the trailer and telling your friends to watch; it’s working!! Thank you for your continued support!

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