Dark Hoffman’s ‘The Shack’ is cleaning up on the film festival circuit

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Dark Hoffman’s “The Shack” is cleaning up on the film festival circuit.  Either as a winner in different categories, or a nominee, or as an official selection, it is acquiring an impressive list of laurel wreaths.

Since its release on the festival circuit, it has been named an Official Award Winner at the IndieFest Film Awards 2021, the Best Thriller as well as the Best Actor at the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival, Official Winner at the Best Shorts Competition, Emerging Dramatic Short at the Emerging Artists Film Festival 2021, and the Global Shorts Winner 2021 Special Mention, and it has been named an Official Selection at the Independent Fright Night, Houston Horror Film Festival 2021, Burbank International Film Festival 2021, Indie Short Fest, and the International Filmmaker’s Festival of New York 2021.

Billed as an “atmos-fearic” short film about a direct lineage of men feeding a centuries-old creature in the woods that has a taste for human flesh, Dark Hoffman’s “The Shack” tag-line is “There are events in this world that can’t be explained – and shouldn’t. ”

The log-line, On a hunting trip that goes awry, Hank must pass down the responsibility of the sacred land to his son, Caleb. With this land comes great duty. This land must be fed. Sacrifices are needed.

Written and directed by Dark Hoffman, produced by Bear in the Bag Productions,  “The Shack” stars Justin Mane as Hank Murdoch, Michael Alan Herman as Caleb Murdoch, Jacob Lamieux as Gary Grant, and Connie Cowper as the Great Mother.

Gary Thinklein was the Executive Producer, and Andrew Ramirez was a Consulting Producer, Kyle Morgan was the Director of Photography, Jack Anderson First AC, Adam Wilkinson was Audio, and Brook Munro provided music.

Said Dark Hoffman, “(The Shack) will make the public about October as soon as it goes around the festival circuit this year.”

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