‘Leaving Michiana’ is more than a short film, it was a vision of big things to come

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with excerpts written by Sofia Lynch

Imagine having the foresight to create a short film announcing a departure only months prior to actually leaving an area.  This seemed to be the case for director Sofia Lynch.  After wrapping on her next-to-no budget short film, “Leaving Michiana,”  she and her partner and cinematographer,  Frank Allen, left the Michigan/Indiana state area bound for points west to seek their fortunes.

Said Sofia in a note received July 22, 2021, wrote, “I just accepted a new job that practically fell out of the sky. I will be working as a PA on an Emmy-award-winning HBO show! I’m on my way to Los Angeles as I write this. Thought you might like to know! I haven’t really told the whole wide world about it yet, because I don’t start till Monday, and being superstitious I’m afraid I’ll somehow lose the position if I go carrying on about it before I’ve even started! I’ll be working 12 hours a day in a different time zone so I’ll be pretty disconnected… ”

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“Leaving Michiana” is a 20-minute short film written, directed, and co-produced by, and starring, Sofia Lynch. The next-to-no budget short was filmed in under a week in small-town locations across southern Michigan. The film was created as an excuse to bring attention to the often-overlooked charm and beauty of the rural midwest, and as a sort of business card for what Sofia can do as a creative.

“Leaving Michiana” was made possible through the loaned time and open hearts of many Michigan creatives and locals. Jona Kalaj, a high school friend of Sofia’s and producer in her own right, co-produced the film, and Sofia’s college sweetheart and creative partner, Frank Allen, acted as the cinematographer and camera op, as well as providing creative input and editing the short with Sofia.

Due to the lack of budget, Sofia likes viewers to note that this production is much like a student film. It was not made with top-of-the-line cameras, and the resources needed to make every detail as perfect as the control freak director would like it… but it DID have a top-of-the-line cast and crew, and the story/production is one woven with a lot of heart, passion, and time from all involved.

On July 26, Sofia Lynch wrote this FB post
Quite proud to announce that I am OFFICIALLY a card-carrying member of HBO’s Barry!!!!!!!!!!! I’m working as a COVID PA, and I’m so so psyched to be working for someone I spent my childhood entertained by and enamored with (Mr. Bill Hader, that is.) Y’all ready for season 3? 😁🥳

This is amazing news, Sofia. I can say I knew you briefly when I had the honor to appear as an extra on a movie set of yours. What a mind-blowing bookmark in my life, something I can remember for as long as I am.

The short will be released on August 8th on YouTube and will be submitted to festivals upon its completion.

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