Keith Perna’s ‘It’s a Life Worth Living’ has been officially selected for Royal Starr Film Festival 2021 .

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The Michigan feature Film It’s a Life Worth Living has been officially selected for this year’s Royal Starr Film Festival 2021.

Written and directed by Keith Perna,  Starring Daniel Jefferies, Angela Roberts Johnson, Shanwtay Dalon, Antonio Mireles, & Marco Zaccagnini. Featuring a special appearance by Martha Reeves., “It’s a Life Worth Living”  is the story of John, a man who haunted by his beginnings, struggles with finding meaning and worth in his life. This leads him to choose a path of selfishness and drug abuse. Consequently, there’s a breakdown of relationships with his family and his wife.

When things start to crumble all around him, John gets the wake-up call that he needs in the form of a caring new friend, and others in his life that reach out to him in ways they hadn’t before. God working through them and reaching out to John, guides him on a path of discovery about where his worth and value truly come from, and what in life is truly valuable.

It’s A Life Worth Living Is now streaming on VUDU.   It’s free on there with ads.…/It-s-a-Life-Worth-Living/1694287

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