Meet the all star cast of Lorenzo Pierson’s ‘Perfect Justice,’ July 17

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On July 17, the thriller “Perfect Justic” will explode on the big screen at the Emagine Cinema Theater Birch Run, Michigan. Meet the all-star cast of Lorenzo Pierson’s “Perfect Justice” as they gather for its Red Carpet world premiere.

Meet members of this all-star cast for the movie “Perfect Justice”, Ali Amine, Stacy Calloway, Will Buchanan, Aqeel Ash-Shakoor, Keith Wonderboy Johnson II, Foresteen Hood, Marcus Middleton, Eleonora Mancini, Lisa Ray, Bill Swift, Emory Hurston, DeVaughn Collins, Karen Winchester MurphyFrederick Temple, Chuck Bates, Tarshia Gilbert Lewis, Melvin Eagle, Steffaney Nichols, Shalana Bradley, Yonna Mittz, Jeanette Champion, Eva Demson, Trenna Bowman-Martin, Starr Curry, Chynna Abraham, and Tyshia Drayton.  “Perfect Justice” is produced by LP Entertainment.

Produced, and directed by Lorenzo Pierson, edited by Jovon Mitchell, with the musical score is by Morning Light Music, “Perfect Justice” is an American action/drama/comedy. Watch the official trailer for Perfect Justice and share.

With the tagline “the most ruthless and corrupt cop you have ever seen.  His District.  His Rules,” Perfect Justice,” is a heartfelt story of a family who struggles to seek justice or revenge after a tragic accident takes place in the heart of the city. Fast-paced drama, emotional, tearful, and passionate. A movie about the unwarranted, excessive, and often illegal use of force against civilians, particularly in minority communities throughout America.

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