Lorenzo Pierson’s “PerFect Justice” Premieres July 17th @ Emagine Cinema Theater Birch Run, Michigan

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Lorenzo Pierson’s “Perfect Justice” Premieres July 17th at the Emagine Cinema Theater Birch Run, Michigan.

With the tagline “the most ruthless and corrupt cop you have ever seen.  His District.  His Rules,” Perfect Justice,” is a heartfelt story of a family who struggles to seek justice or revenge after a tragic accident takes place in the heart of the city. Fast-paced drama, emotional, tearful, and passionate. A movie about the unwarranted, excessive, and often illegal use of force against civilians, particularly in minority communities throughout America.

Music by Morning Light Music Watch The Official Trailer Now & Share! An American Drama Film written, produced, and directed by Lorenzo Pierson, edited By Jovon Mitchell, starring: Bill Swift, Eleonora Mancini, Marcus Middleton, Chynna Abraham, Frederick Temple, Foresteen Hood, Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson, and Lorenzo Pierson.  “Perfect Justice” is produced by LP Entertainment.

 About Lorenzo Pierson

Lorenzo Pierson was born in Saginaw, Michigan, and raised in a single-parent household. His life experiences inspired him to begin writing as he worked through his bad experiences by writing short stories of his life journey. He has gone on establishing a successful career as an author and playwright.

Lorenzo has been writing since he was age 7. In 2012, Lorenzo authored his first two books Standing Strong In The Midst of the Storm and “Black Is Not My Favorite Color.” He has since written 17 Novels.

Published Work As An Author: Standing Strong In The Midst of the Storm “Black Is Not My Favorite Color” When Is Daddy Coming Home Breakfast In Bed Someone To Look Up To Blacks In Public Schools The DIME Dropper Thug Ambition The Wife & Her Secret Trapped By Deception Love Don’t Live Here Anymore We Can’t Breathe What You Believe Is Powerful Why Women Love Men Who Hurt Them Play Rich Live Poor.

In 2017 Lorenzo wrote, produced, and directed his first stage play, “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.” The stage production featured a local talented cast and completely sold out, 1350 in attendance and receiving 5-Star reviews. He has since produced, written, and directed 8 stage plays.

Stage Plays: Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (2017) Dangerously In Love (2017) A Sister’s Betrayal (2018) The Dope House (2018) In The Hands of the Wrong Man (2018) Broken Pieces (2019) Til’ Death Do Us Part (2019) Big Momma’s House (2019)

Today, Producer Lorenzo Pierson is positioning and establishing himself as one of the industry’s blockbuster hitmakers. Pierson is a member of the National Academy of Television Arts & sciences. He has also been featured in several high-profile magazines, newspaper articles, regional news and has received numerous awards from the State of Michigan.

He is a graduate of Delta College and Saginaw Valley State University. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with a minor in Political Science. Pierson released his first featured film “Trapped By Deception” in 2020. He is in production on his second film, “The Pastor’s Revenge.”

Trade Mark His films take place in the State of Michigan. His films include African-American themes. In addition, his films feature a cast of new talent.

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