Introducing Reece Timberwolf Taylor, talking with a screenwriter

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Going from left to right,  Reece “Timberwolf” Taylor,  Geoffrey Calhoun, and Stever MacLaren.
When I say I’m a great writer, I fucking mean it because I fucking know it. When it comes to what I do best, I back my talk up. Don’t believe me? Try me.  Reece Timberwolf TaylorAs the pandemic lifts, many of us are emerging from the lockdown at our own pace.  For many,  this government-mandated imposition meant nothing. These people dismissed the pandemic as a hoax, the mandate a government over-reach. They went about their daily lives as if there was no virus that they had to be concerned with.  When they confronted because of the non-compliance with CDC requirements, which included wearing masks when inside in public and maintaining what was considered a recommended safe distance from others, they fought for what they saw as their rights to make decisions regarding their own health.For others,  these mandates were more closely followed.  They accepted what they were asked to do to ensure they would not become another statistic. Wear masks while in public.  Check.  Keep a recommended distance from others.  Check.  This virus was proving to be a killer. It was not fooling around.  While there were those who more susceptible to contracting the virus than others, this virus would not discriminate. The number of people who were overtaken by this virus swelled daily with more people overcome by this “something” they could not see.  So, precautions were adhered to.

For me, it had been two years since I mixed with others.  After my wife passed away in her sleep,  it was over a year before I was whole again and was emotionally ready to be with others.  By that time, we were experiencing the beginnings of this pandemic and as this unfolded,  we were discouraged from joining groups of people.  So it had been over two years for me.

As vaccinations were found to combat things and the number of people who accepted vaccination approached projected goals,  these mandates were lifted.  After more than a year,  people were ready to resume their normal lives.

When Reece “Timberwolf” Taylor reached out the night before a planned meeting in Royal Oak, Michigan,  I was happy to join a group of writers who were meeting at the Office Coffee House on South Lafayette and Fourth Street in RO.  Reece and I had been FB friends for some time, but we had never met.

Reece has been good at posting photos of himself on FB over the years.  So, when I entered the coffee house and worked my way to the back of the room, I recognized him immediately.

Sitting across from Reece was Steve MacLaren. I had never met Steve before, but by coincidence, he was talked about by Angel Matheson just the night before. Apparently, she and Steve had worked together on a film set or three, and Angel is going to be directing a short film for me,  she recommended Steve highly.  We introduced ourselves and were quickly joined by another member of this group,  Geoffrey Calhoun.  These guys were part of a Screenwriter’s Summit, which is Geoff’s baby.  Although everyone else was an accomplished screenwriter, something at which I have never tried my hand, and I was the oldest of four guys,  for me, this was a good meeting. I was excited to be have been invited to be present.

Working on a degree in creative writing with a focus on screenwriting, Reece is completing his bachelor’s degree at Oakland University.   Reece and I had communicated online a couple of weeks prior.

So, are you presently in school? I ask because of a post of yours this morning.

Yeah. Finishing up a few classes for I can graduate next spring
What kind of a degree will you then have?
Creative Writing with a Screenwriting focus
Nice! What would this give you? A Master’s degree?
Bachelor’s for now, but I plan for my masters next year
You will wrap a Master’s degree but next year?
I’m gonna be starting my Master’s next year. As soon as I wrap up at Oakland, I’m going straight into Masters
Nice! What genre will you focus on? Should I ask?
For the most part horror and comedy. I love both too much to deviate lol
Then dual genres? Have you ever thought of a horror/comedy script?
Definitely! Films like “Shaun of the Dead” are major inspirations for me
Have you ever seen “Tucker & Dale vs Evil”? What did you think of it?

Absolutely love it! It’s a personal favorite. Have you seen “Deathgasm”?

Yes, I have.  That’s the one about the death metal band, isn’t it? What of  “Haunted Honeymoon”? You have certainly seen this.

Yep. Grew up on “Haunted Honeymoon”. Another favorite
So, all of these then would serve as inspiration for you? Have you ever written anything in this vein?

So far, not yet.  But I’ve wanted to do so.

When did you decide that you wanted to be a screenwriter?
11th grade. My teacher introduced me, and it felt right.
Have you yet seen any of your screenplays produced?
So far, I’ve done a sizzler that I’m gonna reproduce. But none of mine, yet. What about you?
No, not yet. We are going to be working together on one shortly. In fact, I would like to meet with you and Jules to look at a building that I have been invited to look at. How does that sound to you?
Sounds good! Let me know when
I will.
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