“Reanimated” by Evil Genius Entertainment Episode 4 is now online

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Episode 4 of the explosive “Reanimated” is now online.  Shot in Ypsilanti and Monroe, Michigan, and written before COVID-19 made headlines, this series centers around a virus crafted as a weapon by a young mad scientist.

“Reanimated,” tells the story of a zombie apocalypse like no other. First, you see the effects of the outbreak, as zombies begin to roam the countryside and those who are unaffected begin to cope — and then struggle to survive. Then, in episode 3, we learn a little more of the story as a government task force tries to get to the bottom of what’s happened.

The high-action episode 4, premiering Thursday night, continues the story as one member of the task force is rescued from a crashed helicopter — but has she actually been rescued? And just what is behind this scientist’s work?

“Reanimated” comes from Evil Genius Entertainment and founder and director John Vincent, who counts among his influences the “Night of the Living Dead” / George Romero films. John would make a great interview as a local filmmaker (now based in Dundee).

Episode 1 of “Reanimated” has over a million views! It’s gotten a lot of interest amid the pandemic. The Evil Genius YouTube channel has over 23,000 subscribers! Reanimated features local talent including Melisa Sandlin, Billie Rae Bates, Robert S. Eadie, and Dale Dobson among others. I and my husband, Jeremy Palmer, are producers for the project.

Episodes 1-3, plus behind-the-scenes footage:

Director John Vincent’s film resume (he has been producing movies in Michigan since the 1990’s):

Evil Genius Entertainment YouTube channel:

“Reanimated” cast and crew, plus stills from the episodes:

Evil Genius Entertainment website:

Evil Genius Entertainment Facebook page:

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