Dennis Reed II production of ‘First Lady 3’ premieres June 5 at Bel Air Luxury Cinema, Detroit

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Grab your “First Lady 3” tickets today.   This Dennis L. Reed II Production premiers June 5th, 7 pm at the Belair Luxury Cinema, Detroit, MI.  Tickets are general admission $30, and VIP $55.

Dennis Reed II is a writer, director, and producer, known for “Indictment Who is Jonathan Carter? (2020),” “Indictment: Dead Witnesses Can’t Talk (2016),” and “I Declare War (2014).”  “First Lady 3” was produced by  Dennis L. Reed II Productions, and distributed by Homestead Entertainment,  Laguna Beach, CA.

“First Lady 3” stars Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, Jennifer Williams (from Basketball Wives), Julius Gregory (known for his work on Drive Angry (2011), Mad Money (2008), and First Lady (2018). ), Lemastor Spratling (known for He Said She Said (2021), Indictment: Who Is Jonathan Carter? (2020) and First Lady II: Maria’s Revenge (2019), and King Wesley (known for Transitions (2019), Escape Plan: The Extractors (2019), Candy (2019), and Price of Love (2020), among others.  Cinematography by Seno the Hero, the editor was Charles Spence, and the composer Horace Anthony Jackson.

In “First Lady 3” is the third installment of this dramatic narrative series. Synopsis:  Who comes first is the question most thought about. When you thought that Maria and her sister Latoya got away with killing Patrick and Sam you have another thing coming. Not only did they start a war but with a man that doesn’t have anything to lose. Meet Sal, Sam’s son.  He’s out to destroy Maria and anyone that she’s connected to. But that’s not the only problem that Maria has.  She still has to deal with Will her cousin who’s son is ready to run the family business.

“First Lady 3” premieres at the Bel Air Luxury Cinema, 10100 8 Mile Rd., Detroit, MI 48239, June 5, 2021. You can pick up tickets from 25900 Greenfield Suite 326 9 AM-5 PM.  For more information call 313-757-0819.   These tickets will sell out fast.

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