Justin Mane’s ‘Crow’ is now online–A word from the screenwriter

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“About a year ago I was approached by a local filmmaker to write a fan film based on the film series “The Crow.” I loved the concept and I worked with him to write a short film… which has now been adapted from the original screenplay by the director/writer into a feature film and the trailer just dropped! It’s awesome and I’m proud to be a part of it! I’ve written a lot of films, but I think this one had me stepping further outside my box than any of the others and it turned out amazing. The message is… keep going, keep networking in the film community (to me, this has been the biggest one), keep writing, be patient. As long as you do what you love and you keep honing your craft, it can happen for you. “❤  Melinda Doan Bryce, Screenwriting

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Love persists — even through death. Watch the official trailer for “CROW” now. #WEAREALLVICTIMS ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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From From Fellpeller Studios and Tennille T. Productions arrives “CROW,” the latest interpretation of James O’Barr’s classic graphic novel and film franchise “The Crow.” A poetic but brutal piece of revenge cinema from Director Matt Szakal (Hara-Kiri), “CROW” stars Justin Mane (Detroit) as Dean Summers, a Detroit man who wades through an odyssey of his memories and dreams over the course of one Halloween night. Guided by forces he does not understand, he pursues the men responsible for leaving him to die in the trunk of a car, leading to an explosive and unpredictable outcome.
Starring alongside Justin Mane are Callie Bussell (Wolf Hound), Bobby Laenen (Cosmic Sin), Dan Pesta (Dinner In America), Joshua Lutey (Brain Engagement), Tasmay (Bliss Burger), Dan Schmidt (Code Of Thieves), and Dan Keary (Revenge Of The Mask 2); with Paul D. Morgan (Chicago Fire), Lucie Gillespie (The Roots), Colleen Gentry (Faith Under Fire), and Matt Szakal (Road Runner) in voice over roles.“CROW” was originally written by Melinda Bryce (Around Down And Through), based on a story by Justin Mane. Justin Mane served as Executive Producer, with Matt Szakal, Tennille Taraszkiewicz (If I Can’t Have You…), and Peter Poulos (Autolysis) in Producer roles; Jason Allen (Road Runner) as Co-Producer; as well as Dan Keary (Revenge Of The Mask 2) and Tim Parrish (Revenge Of The Mask) as Associate Producers.

Matt Szakal’s behind-the-scenes creative team includes Cinematographer & Colorist Peter Poulos (Entropy), Composer & Sound Designer Nathan Moser (Road Runner), Editor Sam Carroll (Affliction), Key Makeup Artist & Special Effects Makeup Designer Caylee Rice (Miracle On Christmas), Visual Effects Artist Tommy Kraft (Star Trek: Horizon) and Jim Tietschert (Amber Waves), Production Designer Jason Allen, Assistant Director Santiago Bukovsky (Choked), Key Hair Stylist Kristan Donnellon (Reactor), and Graphic Designer Jesse Ort (Road Runner). Bobby Laenen providesd Stunts and Fight Choreography composed by himself and Justin Mane. The original property on which the film is based, “The Crow,” was created by James O’Barr. Featuring original characters and a mythically charged story, “CROW” is expected to premiere publicly online Monday, September 13th, 2021. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________

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https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11375842…You can view the “CROW” teaser trailer at this link:

https://youtu.be/VKANACU-QpkWatch this behind-the-scenes interview with some of the cast and crew from “CROW” on Channel 4 Detroit’s “Talking Film” segment:

https://youtu.be/V8pb5EzCgww ———
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