Alphonso Settles announces he has become a full-time actor

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Everyone’s favorite actor has recently made a big announcement.  After years of honing his craft,  Alphonso Settles has announced he has become a full-time actor.

After initially chasing his dreams of professionally playing basketball, playing for different semi-pro teams, he walked off the court to hang up his shoes, and instead got into modeling.  As a model, he began his career as a model in the Metro Detroit area participating in local shows and events. Discovered at one of his shows, he was offered an opportunity to showcase his acting skills.His first film  “Ovid and the Art of Love” he appeared with John Savage (Godfather III) and Corbin Bleu (High School Musical). In “First Lady” he appeared with Jim Jones (Paper Soldiers) and Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander (Ghetto Stories).

He has also worked alongside Clifton Powell (Next Friday) and Rodney Perry (Johnson Family Vacation) as well as Jamal Woolard (Notorious).  Between his start, and more recently he has accumulated an impressive 23 IMDb credits and has starred in a host of films between his first and most recent projects. He has earned a name for himself in films such as “First Lady,””Deceitful Passions,”” The Bag Girls,” and TV drama “Toxsanity” written and produced by Grammy award-winning music producer Big Vonn due out later this

Alphonso also has two films coming to Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms, “Dear Future Husband” and “He Played Me” and has proven himself as a force to be followed in modeling and now in acting.

The movie “He Played Me,” based upon a true story, is scheduled to premiere June 19, 2021, at the Bel-Air Cinema, Detroit.  In it, he shows his acting chops as a character named Jai.

Alphonso offered to be interviewed most recently.

Alphonso Settles is definitely a rising star to watch!

I’m a full-time actor now.

You are? Congratulations! When did this become official? You have been working at this a while.

Thank you And yes, I have. It became official about a month or so ago.

How long have you been working at becoming a full-time actor?

Since I started. I knew from the beginning that this was something I wanted to do! The more movies I did, the more I knew this was my passion!

How and when, perhaps at what age did you realize that you wanted to become an actor?

Well, growing up I was an athlete HEAVILY chasing basketball as a career, playing for different semi-pro teams. I finally retired in 2018. After that, I didn’t know what really to do. So I started modeling and that led me to acting. So acting was something I always felt I could do, but I just never knew where to start!

How did you start? Did you attend school, or at least, acting classes?

I worked for a company whom I won’t name but they got me an extra role in “Ovid and the Art Of Love.” After casting directors viewed my pics they decided to bump up my role and made me a featured extra and I was in a scene with John Savage. I have taken some acting classes as well.  I got to sit on set with him for hours and pick his brain as well.

Describe your experience as a featured extra. How soon after that were you given sides?

In that particular role, I didn’t have lines at all but I got to kill two people per John Savage’s orders.

Since then, in how many movies have you appeared, either as a featured extra, or an actor?

I’ve done a few that unfortunately have not seen the light of day yet, but I have 7 that are available on different streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Tubi, and Urbanflix to name a few.

That’s a good start. Would you list these? In what movies can we watch for you?

Deceitful Passions, The Bag Girls, Turn of the Cheek, First Lady, 45 Day To Be Rich, Agramon’s Gate, and Dear Future Husband. I have another film He Played Me which premieres on June 19th.

Recently, if not mistaken, you have received a number of awards, and you have appeared on the cover of magazines for your acting. That’s a great way to kick off an acting career For what movies were you recognized?

Well actually I haven’t received any awards yet, but that’s ok, I will keep working. The public seems to love me as an actor.

Yes, you have been in several movies that I have enjoyed. Do you have a certain kind of character that you like to play?

Thank you. I appreciate that. I like to play a wide range of different characters. I’ve been labeled a “choke artist” because the characters I portrayed so well are physically abusive to women in some of my films. I’m usually the charming, handsome, tall bald guy with some issues that will surface later on in the film, but I love my work!

Now as to this new movie which is scheduled to premiere on June 19, what kind of character do you portray in this movie? Is this character an abusive heel?  Are you able to demonstrate your chops as a “Choke artist”? Without giving too much away, talk of this movie.

Lol…YES, IT IS! This character will show his “issues” and also show how love, lust, and deception can come full circle and come back to bite you, Jai (my character) has many faces that he wears throughout the film depending on who he is dealing with. He has a boss-type attitude and whatever Jai wants, Jai gets. And at any cost.

Good. This gives us something to watch for. We wish you every success with your career. Thank you for permitting this interview.

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