The official trailer for the Shiek Mahmud-Bey / Kamal Smith ‘Smokin’ Good’ TV series is now online-check it out!

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SMOKIN’ GOOD TV Series Season One

Directed by Shiek Mahmud-Bey / Kamal Smith
Director of Photography Sean Snider
Written by Ken Williams
Produced by Shiek Mahmud-Bey

Starring: Shiek Mahmud-Bey, Adrianna Jordan, Kahina Vashti, Emory Lawrence, Inchai Reed, London Aaron, Mara Kanyon, Ahmed Al-Hilali, Josh Barlett, Carol MW and Patrick O’Lear.

Created by Ken Williams, Andre Watson, Shiek Mahmud-Bey
ASK-Y in assoc w/ Black Out Media / 25th Frame Films

Smokin’ Good

The series chronicles the journey of August Good, who turns his life around from an illegal past, to a legal present; in hopes of achieving a prosperous and wealthy future for himself and his family. August believes that cannabis is the golden ticket to the prosperity he seeks, but the path is full of many hurdles to overcome. Enemies from the street, jealous family members, bitter ex-girlfriends, backstabbing partners and unscrupulous political forces, just to name a few.

“The average person has no idea what this industry is really about. They primarily feed into the stigmas attached to cannabis, and that in turn affects their perception. This show will give them a taste of what the industry is, and from a very unique perspective.”  Andre Watson

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