The Toward an Anti-Racist Michigan Theatre Workshop has spaces available for the April 25th Workshop

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The Toward an Anti-Racist Michigan Theatre Workshop has spaces available for the April 25th Workshop! Sign up today before space runs out! Join this thought-provoking workshop about racism in Michigan Theatre, how to identify all of it in various forms, and how to stop and prevent it from happening again!

Event by BLAQN LLC and Dan Johnson

Sunday, April 25, 2021 at 10 AM EDT – 2 PM EDT
Public Anyone on or off Facebook

In November, BLAQN brought the TARMT workshop for theatre leaders only. Now, due to popular demand, the in-depth and comprehensive workshop is available for anyone ready and willing to learn how to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for all BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, & People of Color) individuals, and actively combat and stand against racism within all levels of the industrial theatre complex.

This workshop is hosted by BLAQN’s founder and CEO, Ashley M. Lyle, and her partner, Dan Johnson. The workshop was created based off of the marvelous statement that Dan wrote (and is available on the BLAQN Website) during the Black Queens on Stage Podcast miniseries: Black Actors Conference. If you haven’t seen it or heard it yet, it is highly recommended that it’s viewed or listened to before attending the workshop. The final episode of the mini-series included a brief summary of the statement (Towards an Anti-Racist Michigan Theatre) as the necessary steps to take to move towards an Anti-Racist theatre community.

In this workshop, you will be a part of the deep dive into the statement, reevaluate what each section means to you, create your own Personal Anti-Racist Policy that you will carry close with you. Having this Personal Policy will guide you and make you hold yourself accountable for standing up against racism and encouraging more inclusive change at your theatre. You will receive a workbook for the discussion and a copy of the Toward an Anti-Racist Michigan Theatre Statement that is REQUIRED to have read before the workshop. The workshop will be recorded, but not displayed. It will be strictly used for internal purposes.

Ashley and Dan’s goal for this workshop is to jumpstart Michigan Theaters on the right path so when theaters come back to a “new normal”, the same racist policies and behaviors don’t come back with it.

For more information about BLAQN and Black Queens on Stage Podcast, please follow the links provided:
BLAQN Facebook: /blaqshowmichigan
BLAQN Instagram: @blaqnshowmichigan
Black Literature and Art Queens Network(BLAQN) is a For Profit LLC.

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