For Blue Bird Productions distribution of ‘Just Another Dream’ is now a reality

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According to a Facebook post, the distribution of Blue Bird Productions feature film  “Just Another Dream” is now a reality.  They have officially signed with  Vision Films, Inc., a worldwide distributor of independent films, music, and documentaries, for worldwide distribution.

“Just Another Dream”
is a suspense-filled Michigan-based drama about
an ordinary girl who, involved in a fateful accident, becomes clairvoyant and starts to have extraordinary dreams foretelling the future.  Racing against time,  she must save her family and stop her premonitions from becoming a reality.

Written by Jennifer Nichole Lee five years ago, the unofficial trailer for “Just Another Dream” dropped last year and was seen in part as part of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. (This official trailer dropped January 9th, 2021.) Born in Wyandotte, MI, Lee is known for her work on Into the Storm (2014), The Adventures of the Fatbat Episode I: The Redemption of the Bat (2014), and Just Another Dream.

“Just Another Dream” is directed by award-winning filmmaker, producer, and editor  Paul Schneider,  a Madison Media Institute, Madison, WI,  graduate.  This is his debut feature film effort.  Commercially, Paul has produced advertisements for McDonald’s, the YMCA, CGE Energy, and dozens of other organizations.

“Just Another Dream,” starring Dean Cain, Eugene Brave Rock, Keyna Reynolds, Ryan-Iver Klann, and introduces Kayden Bryce as Anna, around whom this narrative evolves.  (Although only seventeen years old and having gotten her start in 2017, Kayden has amassed within a short three years thirty-six credited roles to her resume, nine of which are still in production.  As accomplished as she is, she is already a SAG-E actress.)

Kayden caught the acting bug in her first theatre production when she was just five, and eight years later was plucked off the stage by a producer who asked her if she wanted to be in films… and it was love at first “take.” Since she entered film, she is known for her lead and supporting roles in such films as “Bennett’s Song,”” Triggered,” and “Evil Takes Root.”

Accompanying Kayden Bryce is Mt. Clemens born Dean Cain. Known largely for his break-through role as Superman/Clark Kent in the series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993), Born Dean George Tanaka to actress Sharon Thomas Cain and Roger Tanaka, his mother married his adoptive father, director Christopher Cain when Dean was three.

Growing up in Malibu and attending Santa Monica High School, his career plans favored professional football over acting. After signing with the Buffalo Bills, a knee injury ended his pro career before it began.
Though he had already played a part in his adoptive father’s The Stone Boy (1984), he went through the usual route of commercials and tv-parts (notably, Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990).

Eugene Brave Rock is an actor best known for his role of “The Chief” in Wonder Woman (2017), starring Gal Gadot in the title role. Born and raised at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of southern Alberta, Canada, on the Kainai (Blood) Reserve, with stunt skills acquired as a performer in “Buffalo Bills Wild West Show” at Euro-Disney in Paris, France, he entered other film and television acting as opportunities presented themselves. He has set up a boot camp for Native American stunt performers featured in the Oscar award-winning film “The Revenant”.

Award-Winning Actress Keyna Reynolds was born and raised in Huntington Woods, Michigan. Graduating with high honors from Michigan State University, she was inspired by theatre, and the art of acting, while living in London. Her first audition was for the musical theatre production of ‘Crazy For You’ with the Sainsbury Singers in Reading, England. She was thrilled to land the role of a Ziegfeld Follies Girl and had the opportunity to showcase her love of dancing. While working on this production, she began private acting coaching with Cheryl Kennedy at Guildford School of Acting. Shortly after studying with her, Keyna got a scholarship to obtain her Masters In Acting from East 15 Acting School, which is part of the Conference of Drama Schools in the United Kingdom.

While in the UK, she had the opportunity to perform on the BBC, at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and tour the entire country with various theatre groups. Her favorite experience while on the road was being a part of the world-renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Upon her return stateside, she lived in New York City, where she performed on Broadway at Theatre Row and appeared on ‘As The World Turns’,” one of the longest-running soap operas at the time.

More recently, Keyna has focused on a career in screen acting, with two National Television appearances. Most notably, the lead role of Michelle Dickson in the series ‘Murder Decoded,” the feature film ‘Faith Under Fire’, secured a distribution deal with Universal and will receive a limited theatrical release later this year. Also coming this year, “New Providence,” the story of the final year (1993) of the iconic sport of Iowa six-on-six girls’ basketball and the end of a beloved, nearly one-hundred-year-old basketball tradition in which she plays the coach, Teresa.

Ryan-Iver Klann is an actor and writer and recipient of the “Best Male Actor” award from the International Modeling and Talent Competition in 1998.  Known for Polycarp (2015), Ten Miles Back (2017), and American Ninja Warrior (2009),  he has also performed on stage nationally in over 30 different Theatre productions. With love for Shakespeare, a few of his stage credits include Lancelet in ‘The Merchant of Venice’, Iago in ‘Othello’, Clarence in ‘Richard III’, and Quintus in ‘Titus Andronicus’.

“Just Another Dream” was filmed in its entirety in Michigan and has a sterling ensemble of Michigan actors and actresses

About Vision Films, inc.
Vision Films, Inc. specializes in star-driven, high-concept films that resonate with demographics of all ages, including social dramas (Planetarium with Natalie Portman, Una with Rooney Mara); inspirational films (The Healer); thrillers (What Lies Ahead with Rumer Willis); romantic comedies such as 5 Weddings, Making Babies, The Way We Weren’t); action-packed films (Betrayed with Billy Wirth, Ultimate Justice with Mark Decasos); teen comedies (The Outcasts starring Victoria Justice); bio-pics (Walt Before Mickey ); intelligent horror/sci-fi such as (Andrew J. Getty’s The Evil Within and John Heard’s last movie Living Among Us); family films such as (A Doggone Christmas and Hope Dances); kids and family animation (Bilal: A New Breed of Hero, GadgetGang in Outer Space).

They also release theatrical documentaries (Jeff Bridge’s Living In The Future’s Past, Pierce Brosnan’s Aldabra), pop-culture specials (Elon Musk, Rise of the Superheroes, and William Shatner’s Chaos on the Bridge); docs that make a difference (Rooted in Peace, Comedy Warriors, Zach Galifianakis); docs that make you think (God? The Almighty Question, Hugh Jackman); biographies on legendary musicians (Hired Gun: Out of the Shadows, Into the Spotlight, Drake, David Bowie, Frank Sinatra); and timely documentaries (Ronaldo Vs. Messi: Face-Off!).

“Just Another Dream” will be released just in time to kick-off the Summer movie season!  Official Release and Premiere info will be announced soon.

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