Collective Development Inc. Moves WWII Drama ‘Silent Night In Algona’ Into Pre-Pro

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LANSING, Mich.March 12, 2021PRLog — Lansing (Mich.) based film production company Collective Development Inc. (CDI) is now ‘Green- Lighted’ for its WWII home front drama, ‘Silent Night In Algona’ (Inspired by Actual Events) and moves from development into active pre-production.

Penned by DJ Perry – actor, producer, and CDI’s CEO – ‘Silent Night In Algona’ takes place from September to Christmas Eve 1944, in the small northern Iowa farming town of Algona.

With many of its men off fighting in Europe and the Pacific, Algona-area residents face the same home front challenges that mirror all of America.

When a German Prisoner of War (POW) camp is constructed near Algona, it does not sit well with some of the residents that ‘Nazis’ are living in their midst. The very men who have been maiming and killing their sons, grandsons, husbands, and brothers.

Set to film this fall in Kossuth County, Iowa, ‘Silent Night In Algona’ will be directed by Anthony Hornus. It is a follow-up to Mr. Hornus and CDI’s 2019 award-winning drama, ‘Man’s Best Friend.’

“I’ve been passionate about this film for a long time,” enthused Mr. Hornus. “It’s a wonderful script, with multiple storylines. A character study that takes us inside the dynamics of not only the townsfolk and their interactions with each other, the military, and the POWs, but we see how the Germans also fought amongst themselves. There were hard-core Nazi ideologues, yet many of the POWs, who came from all walks of life, were conscripts, whose only desire was to get home.”

“Mr. Rance Howard (father of actor/director Ron Howard) was my script consultant on life and farming in the era of WW2. I wish he could be here to join us on this journey.”- DJ Perry

Award-winning cinematographer, Jesse Aragon (‘Wild Faith’ ‘Lost Heart’), will serve as Director of Photography in his sixth CDI feature.

‘Silent Night In Algona’ is a story of perseverance, survival, family, faith, and hope. During trying times when no one, young or old, escaped the sacrifice, emotion, pain, and suffering that war inevitably brings.

But for all of the small-scale human endurance and daily life in the face of global upheaval, it would be a wonderful gift to bring ‘enemies’ together. To reveal similar traits shared by human beings that far outweigh differences.

‘Silent Night In Algona’ is a story as relevant today as it was 77 years ago.

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