Filming of ‘Batman Other Worlds’ starts today

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How do you follow viral sensations such as “Revenge of the Mask,” or “Jumanji: Level One”?  What do you do when your short films crash the internet.

Since uploading “Rise of the Mask,” it has received well over 28 M views, and its sequel “Revenge of the Mask,” has received over 10.5 M views, and “Rise of the Mask 2: Odin’s 9,” 1.8M views, all based on the Dark Horse comics-inspired character The Mask. And now, “Jumanji: Level One,” which premiered February 6, 2021, has received 350 K views.  What is next?

According to Dylan Sides, “We’re going to be doing a final bow to the channel.”

What does that mean?

Continues Sides, “We all want to move on to original content, at least for a few years.  So, we’re going to be doing one final 6-minute short.”

What? After giving us some of the hottest fan-films ever digitally created,  they are going to “bow out” to their channel? They are going to move on to original content? But wait! They are not done! There is one final short that they will create.

What short film are they going to create next?  Having amassed a respectable 187 K subscribers to their channel, as Sides explains, “We tossed the question out to them. ” What do they want to see?  The answer was unanimous.

Everybody seemed to agree, “Batman.”

So wishing to be responsive to their subscribers, they have decided to do a Batman fan-film.  “It’s going to be a parody. The idea is going to be based on the ’89 Batman being transported to the ’66 television series,”  reveals Dylan..

A throw-back to the ’66 television series?  Will this include a sexy leather-or rubber-clad Catwoman?  “No,” says Dylan, ” but it will have a bunch of ’66 villains and Robin.”

Will this include the Pow! Zap! Crunch! of the ’66 series  (These cartoon bubbles accompannied the foley created sound -effects which we saw during the fight scenes.)  “Yep!” Dylan laughs.

“We will also have the (original) ’89 Batmobile and the (original) ’66 Batmobile as well.  I had to track them down.

“The ’89 Batmobile we have to shoot in Indiana. We start shooting that on the sixth.”

Regarding the 1966 Batmobile, says Sides,  “We found one in Livonia, MI.  That was a lot easier than locating the ’89 car..

“Well,” Sides continues, ” Robin, that we’re going to have, is going to be in the ’60s wrong. So, he’s gonna be driving the Batmobile.”

So, today, March 6, 2021,  the Controlled Chaos crew is in Indiana (the exact location protected by a NDA),  where they are filming with the original Batmobile from the 1989 movie.  And the Weekender should have BTS photos from this filming next week.

Join us next weekend, and see photos of the 1989 Batmobile, and BTS photos from this filming.  Continue to follow what will be the last fan film produced by Controlled Chaos Productions until it releases.  It’s been a wild journey, hasn’t it?

“Holy Canoli, Batman!  We better get the Batmobile! ”

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