Tonight, February 28th, 2021, only catch the early screening of Ken “Legend” Williams Asbury Park on Vimeo on Demand

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The urban narrative Asbury Park will have an early screening pay-per-view event, tonight, February 28th, on Vimeo on Demand.   Written and directed by Ken “Legend” Williams, this film is a window to outsiders of the plight and vulnerability of members of the inner city exposing a world that’s not typically shown on film or highlighted in music videos.

Asbury Park reveals the tale of injustice through the eyes of inner-city youths. This story is about four boys who dream of making it out of the hood, but to do so, they’ll have to choose between being law-abiding citizens and doing what’s right or not.

Everyone is quick to say what they would never do, but if forced to choose between doing something illegal and having a loved one die would you be willing to cross that line?  Revealing the pain, fears, and obstacles that many in those communities encounter regularly, these circumstances leave them with one goal…to survive.

Starring Glenn Plummer as Professor Moss, Fredro Starr as Jerome, Felicia “Snoop” Pearson as Tag, and other notable actors and local talent. The casting director for Asbury Park was Keisha Rene,  producers Kennard LaJuan, Ken ‘Legend’ Williams, and Sean Snider’s cinematography.

To catch this one-night-only screening, go to at 8 PM EST/5 PST

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