‘Jumanji: Level One’ official film now online shatters 200K views

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“Jumanji: Level One” is crushing it!

The Lance Kawas directed/Controlled Chaos produced charity fan film posted February 6, 2021, has shattered a record 200,000 views within the first 22 days it has been online.  That’s a respectable10 K views a day since being uploaded.  But it is only beginning!

Said Executive Producer/Director of photography Dylan Sides, ” (It will) Probably be at 1 million views within the next two weeks, maybe faster. It’s gaining speed every day.   It was Just 30,000 views two days ago.”

As well as those views, it has earned close to 6K thumbs up from its eagerly awaiting fans, with many in that number agreeing that this short-film should be expanded into a feature-length prequel for the franchise.

But “Jumanji: Level One” is not without its haters.  It has received its thumbs down.  An inconsequential number..well, never mind. You can’t please everyone.

Said Sides, “My main worry was that everybody was going to be super disappointed at how short it was. There were a few people, but overall I’ve been seeing very positive comments.  I’m just really happy about the positive reactions.

“People (are) saying that it’s canon to them and nobody can change their mind.   People (are) picking (it) apart looking for Easter eggs that we set up.  It just really goes to show the tenacity of our fans.”

But “Jumanji: Level One” was not produced as a feature-length fan-film. Rather, it was created as a fundraising effort for Anchors Hospice of Michigan and Programs for Children, an amazing organization created to help families with children suffering from terminal illnesses. Because of your contributions, Sides says that they have successfully raised over  $100,000 (USD).  This money will go far.

Listen to actress, Heather Fairbanks talk about how this awesome organization helped her, and her family.  And how you can help too.

Anchors Hospice of Michigan is a truly awesome non-profit.  It does so much for children and their parents. Make certain you watch this film to the end.  Learn how you can help this organization.  Or consider donating to Anchors at https://anchors4children.org/

Go back to where it all began. Follow the creation of the infamous cursed game of Jumanji. Learn how two children receive a mysterious game after their father goes missing in the jungles of Africa. And more importantly, learn how you can give to an organization that can give to children something much more valuable–the gift of health, and continued life.

Please donate https://anchors4children.org/

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