Neutrals to screen FREE! tonight, February 27th, online as part of the 11th Annual Green Bay Film Festival

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Tonight, February 27, 2021, a very special movie will screen online as part of the 11th Annual Green Bay Film Festival.  Made entirely by Michigan natives, “Neutrals” is an adventure/dark comedy/drama short about two friends, Chris and Dan; who, after accidentally killing the wrong person, find their night spirals out of control while being pursued by the vicious Wes and his punks.

Written and directed by Jacob Horne, “Neutrals” stars (in descending order of popularity on IMDb’s STARmeter) Daniel Brabow as Chris (known for Chemical 8, 2019), Josh Brockett as Dan (The Two Samurai, 2018), Ryan O’Guin as Wes (Within III, 2014), Chris Paupert as Chuck (The Meme War,  2017), Jesse Hermann as Larry (In the Grip of Fear, 2016), Ryan Hasani as Guy (What About the Box, 2020),  Megan Krawczyk as Emily (Chemical 8, 2019), and Jared Wilkinson as Mick (What About the Box, 2020).

Jacob Horne was both “Neutrals” writer/director as well as its producer.  Jake O’Brien was its Executive Producer.  Jake Cypert who just came off of the Harley Wallen directed, “Tale of Tails” was its cinematographer, with Chene Coffin as First Assistant Camera, and Kristi Ball, and Spencer Leonard both assistant cameras,  Alec Davis, and Connor McBain on sound, Josh Brocket as Editor. The music for Neutrals was provided by Thirty Ought Six and The Stepmothers.

Since its release on January 25, 2020,  “Neutrals” has garnered if not wins, nominations wherever it has played on the festival circuit. To date, it has to its credit 2 wins and 9 nominations.  This incl;udes Indie Gathering International Film Festival, Nominated, 1st Place Indie Gathering Award,  Best Lead Actor: Short Film, Daniel Brabow,  2nd place, 2nd Place Indie Gathering Awar Best Drama-Comedy Jacob Horne, Indie Short Fest,  Nominated, August Award Best Special Makeup Effect Lori Sparks, Nominated, August Award Best Action Short Jacob Horne, Nominated, August Award Best Crime Short,  Nominated, August Award Best Dark Comedy Short, IndieX Film Festival Nominated, August Award Best Dark Comedy, Nominated, August Award Best Acting Duo Daniel Brabow, Josh Brockett, L.A. Punk Film Festival, Won, Festival Award Best Thriller,  Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival, Nominated, Festival Award  Best Comedy, Top Shorts Film Festival Won, July Award Best Dark Comedy. This speaks volumes for an indie film that was produced on a budget of only $1200.

About Jacob Horne, Horne is a  graduate of the 2017-2018 class of the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan. He has had a passion for filmmaking since childhood, Was inspired to make movies because he saw King Kong (1933) when he was 5 years old..After his previous short films, “When My Eyes Close” and “The Two Samurai,” he was ready for “Neutrals” to take the stage on the 2020-2021 festival circuit.

A Dedication
The film is dedicated to Ryan O’Guinn who portrayed the villainous punk Wes in the film. On January 30th 2020 Ryan passed away only five days after the film had been screened for the cast, crew, family and friends. “Neutrals” stands as a remembrance of Ryan and his immense talents.

“Neutrals” will appear on the Green Bay Film Festival website from Saturday, February 27, 2021 to Friday, December 31, 2021.

An aside on Neutrals

January 25th 2021 marked the one year anniversary of “Neutrals” On January 25th,  2020 Neutrals was first showcased at a private crew/family/friends screening held at the Motion Picture Institute of Troy, Michigan. The night was a great success and paved the way for the year to come.

Despite the COVID pandemic, “Neutrals” was able to take itself around the United States and a few other countries, picking up nominations and accolades along the way.

2021 promises even more festivals, stay vigilant as over the year more opportunities to watch Neutrals online (and hopefully in person) will arise. Until then: Thank you everyone for the support over this past year!! Sit tight!

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