Unofficial teaser trailer for Daniel E. Falicki’s ‘Dwarfhammer’ drops

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An unofficial teaser trailer for director Daniel E. Falicki’s “Dwarfhammer” is now on Vimeo.

This fantasy epic written by Daniel Falicki, Ryan Lieske, and Brett Miller, and directed by Daniel Falicki, is coming to look “pretty bad-ass. ”  Referred to by his closest friends and fellow filmmakers as a movie-mad scientist,  Falicki is recognized for his inventive film creations.  He has brought us such independently produced blockbusters as GR30k (2010), The Last Vampyre on Earth Shadow (2013), World: The Haunting of Mysti Delane (2015),  All About Joe (2014),  and Accidental Exorcist (2016),  His most recent is Dwarfhammer.

Based on Dungeon and Dragons characters,  Dwarf Hammerers form the king’s bodyguard.  Chosen by the king himself, they are individuals from different units, and even clans.  They have proven themselves as fierce warriors in innumerable battles, proficient not only in wielding weapons,  they also have deadly martial arts skills.  They are also steadfastly loyal,  and bold and cunning in nature.  Formed into shock-units, they break enemy formations, the way a Warhammer crushes shale.

This allegiance goes both ways.  It is the Lord’s duty to equip these hand-picked units.  The symbol of this bond is the weapons they carry.  Each is given a heavy and perfectly balanced great hammer, the Dwarf Hammer.    Dwarfhammerers enjoy a high status in their holds.  When not engaged in war, they are appointed to guard the throne room or front gate.

In this Daniel Falicki epic, when one of the king’s Dwarfhammerers has been grievously wounded, he must pass the mantle to his reluctant son, Bannor. Bannor must learn to embrace his fate as he is forced to battle a roving band of slave-traders, led by a sadistic serial killer known only as The Beggar.

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Starring Roger Callard as Grandfather (former Mr. America of the International Federation of Bodybuilders middleweight, known for Commando (1985) stunts, Red Heat (1988), Pytor Tatomovich, UHF (1989), Conan the Librarian,Total Recall (1990), stunts),  Joel Potrykus as Slicer (American writer/director, known for Ape (2012), Director, Buzzard (2014), Director,  (2014), The Alchemist Cookbook (2016), Director,  Relaxer (2018), Director), Daniel Falicki as “The Beggar,”(Actor/Director/Producer known for Ape (2012) The Devil, The Last Vampyre on Earth (2013)The Last, Accidental Exorcist (2016) Richard Vanuk, 13 Demons Thomas of Belmont (2016) Player 3),  James Kozakiewicz as Bannor (known for his work on The Ninth Vote (2014), The Alchemist Cookbook (2016), and Relaxer (2018),  Chris Kotcher as Lord Mikhail actor and producer, known for Red Skies (2016), Buzzard (2014) and Most Dangerous Game (2020), Jackie Von Vugt as Galiana (known for her work on Much to Learn (2014), and Silver Platter (2018), and Yorg Kersiotiz the Blacksmith (actor known for Ghost of New Orleans (2011), Detroit Unleaded (2012), among others.

The directors of photography (DOP) Will Mosqueda (cinematographer, known for The Rotation (2017), -blank- (2018),  Unstoppable Ruin (2020) , and Dennis Nagelkirk(known for Coffee Shop Kings (2008),  edited by Jim Kraft (Anamolisa (2015), the original score was written and performed by Tom Ashton (composer known for State of Modern Love,  “Dwarfhammer” is produced by Dennis Nagelkirk, Will Mosqueda, and Daniel E. Falicki.

Costumes/props/creatures for Dwarfhammer were created by Rotomation Works Dept. 4.

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