Dylan Sides shares more BTS photos from ‘Jumanji: Level One’

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While vacationing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Dylan Sides has shared some more behind-the-scenes photos from “Jumanji: Level One.”

This is the short film that Sides did with his partners Lance Kawas, and Christina Tomlinson, and the A-Team from Controlled Chaos for the charity, Anchors Hospice of Michigan.

Said he in an email, “Here are some more BTS (photos) that have never been posted that you can post.”

In these photos, you can see how much skill and attention to detail were used to create the games, the sets, and the scenes in this production.

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On January 7th, when Dylan and Christina returned,  Dylan said, “This is always the saddest part. This is the last time all the props will be in the same place. Tomorrow they go out all over the world.”


Of these, “Only one hero set went out.  The rest were all production used.”

We would like to thank Heather Fairbanks for her bravery and generosity as she explains that “Jumanji Level One” is not a feature film but is instead a fundraising effort for Anchors Hospice of Michigan and Programs for Children. All proceeds from this donation page go to help families with children suffering from terminal illnesses. Anchors Children’s Hospice of Michigan is an amazing organization and they need your help. Please follow the link to donate.

Please donate https://anchors4children.org/

This film will be released in January. Please check out the second teaser trailer above.

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