Steve Kopera’s proof of concept film has been picked up by Bloody Disgusting TV

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Director Steve Kopera’s proof-of-concept short film, “Finder” has been picked up by Bloody Disgusting TV.

After its acceptance at the Nightmares Film Festival a few weeks ago, “Finder” received a distribution deal with Bloody Disgusting

Nightmares Film Festival is a destination horror and genre fest conveniently held in the heart of the Midwest: easily reached, easily navigated and inclusive Columbus, Ohio.

NFF sets itself apart from other genre fests by its deep year-round connection to the horror filmmaking community, which gives it the first line on the rarest, scariest, most daring and most unsettling films being created around the world.

Named one of the 20 best art houses on the continent by Sundance, the festival screenings are held at the world-renowned Gateway Film Center.  This center is dedicated team of expert projectionists – maybe the last such team in the country – who oversees all presentations, to ensure every film looks and sounds its very best.

Launched this past fall,  Bloody Disgusting TV, features not only a mix of horror classics and contemporary cult favorites, but also a mass of original programming. New programming from Jon Grilz’ Creepy, Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew, SCP Archives, Horror Queers and   will also debut on the network this October with special trick-or-treat events planned for Halloween.

Cinedigm is behind Bloody Disgusting TV.  Cinedigm Corp. is an American entertainment company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Cinedigm’s businesses encompass digital cinema, software, content marketing, and distribution

This is very exciting for a short film such as Kopera’s, “Finder.”   Because of the decided advantage that this had given Kopera’s film, when Bloody Disgusting Films TV saw “Finder” they knew they had to offer Steve a distribution deal.  In as much as “Finder” was only a little four minutes in length, they knew that it had an impactful message.  And it could not have happened at a more opportune time.

In light of the pandemic that has caused much of the country to come to a stand-still,  the idea that this proof-of-concept idea represented was one that would resonate with people everywhere.

Finder is a narrative which takes place after a environmental disaster.  In this scene a member of a masked task-force enters a storage unit in search of clues as to what may have happened to the people of an area. Rifling through a tote of personal belongings, he discovers a computer tablet on which appears a time-line of messages that answer this question.

Starring Brooke Heatley,  an American/English actress, Brooke grew up all over the US and in England.  She began her studies in London with theatrical performances in plays like “The Wizard of OZ” and “Underneath the Arches.” She continued her acting studies in the Theatre Program at Florida State University. Her feature film debut is in 2018’s Boyne Falls as Lora, a film which Kopera co-wrote, and directed.  In this opening scene of Finder you can sense her acting ability as she portrays a woman who is coming undone as her world around is collapsing.

Steve Kopera is a writer and producer, known for Boyne Falls(2018)”, “The Cabining (2014)” and “My Friend Peter (2010).”   This scene in “Finder” is a scene in  the first chapter of a web series.

To connect with Steve Kopera on Facebook, click on this link.
To follow the development of the Finder series, click here.
To find Bloody Disgusting TV,  click here.

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