‘Best Years Gone’ – the unifying power of a story

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“We believe that our stories speak to the entire spectrum of audiences – it doesn’t matter where you stand politically, our stories are for everyone.” – DJ Perry

LANSING, Mich.Dec. 30, 2020PRLog — BEST YEARS GONE was adapted from the book “Hope from Heaven” by author and small-town barber Karl Manke, who by challenging state law during the Covid lock down earned himself the moniker of ‘America’s Barber’ whatever good or bad that name might invoke. But Karl did not ask for the media circus and was not trying to be a flag bearer for anyone – just another storyteller.

Enter CDI, a Michigan-based motion picture company since 1996, that has found a niche of producing positive, well-told stories that often include a few life lessons woven within. CEO DJ Perry, the screenwriter – gives credit to the early TV shows like The Waltons, The Life & Times of Grizzly Adams and Little House of the Prairie. These were shows strong in character development and gifted with a treasured lesson buried at the heart of the story leaving audiences with something to ponder beyond the screen.

BEST YEARS GONE is simple enough, a young woman raising teen daughters as a single parent, falls in love with a less than perfect man as conflict ensues. These characters while extreme, are still relatable to most audiences either in shared qualities or as the worst versions of ourselves in some alternate universe.

CDI is noted for staying on schedule, budget and creating exceptional quality stories within business guidelines. This is achieved by gathering a tribe of artists and uniting them behind a story, unhindered by personal differences and distractions.  CDI’s philosophy demands respect towards one another as artists and only asks for your ‘best efforts’ to be put forth without any added drama.

CDI works with diverse, artistic individuals from all over the spectrum of beliefs and affiliations. The issue others face stems from trying to gather only like-minded artists. The truth is you will end up working with diverse people, and that is a good thing. At CDI we don’t endorse or support any one life path save the path of telling a good story.  I think that many could learn from the tolerant CDI environment were we work to develop all artists.  We create great little stories with powerful topics often softened slightly by humor. Each parable told is a gentle reminder not to take life too serious. We only go around once in life and it’s too short a ride to do it with a chip on your shoulder.

The film is in post-production and will release in 2021 with Bridgestone Multimedia Company.
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