The Lance Kawas directed/Controlled Chaos produced “Jumanji: Level One” is ranked 3RD in upcoming movie listings on IMDB

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This was just posted by director Lance Kawas on Facebook, “Well, this is a head-scratcher – when your low-budget indie is ranked just below “Dune” and above “Bond,” “Matrix 4,” “Suicide Squad,” “F9,” “Top Gun: Maverick, “”Black Widow” WTF is the look I have–Bobby Laenen, Dylan Sides,  Matthew Sisco, Ammar Nemo, Andrew Fairgrieve,  Roe Dayzon?”

Can you believe this?  This is no mistake, and Lance Kawas has been floored by what he is seeing.  This speaks volumes for the talent here in Michigan, and more particularly for the directorial talents of Lance Kawas.  And this after he announced that “Revenge Of The Mask 2 (2019)” – just hit 1 Million views. “Revenge of the Mask, Part 1” has over 10 Million views.  Kawas is establishing himself as having an incredible record of success with the films he has helmed. 

Well, this is almost not to be believed.  But there it is in B & W.. Ranked by iMDb, a small, low-budget Michigan indie production that has yet to be completed is besting some of the biggest productions in Hollywood.   This is the page entitled Production Listings: Stay on the top of new movies, TV listings, and other projects, as found without manipulation, nor being photo shopped on IMDb.  And you can verify this for yourself.

The names above are just some of the people who assisted Kawas on “Jumanji: Level One,” those who had a credited roles in creating this short film upsetting the mega-dollar Hollywood productions., for which the official trailer 2 has just been released.
Written by Dylan Sides, co-written by Christina Tomlinson, directed by Lance Kawas (known for “Rise of the Mask” (2018), “Revenge of the Mask” (2019), and Oden’s 9 (2020)) ,  “Jumanji: Level One” stars Justin Mane as Private Greenwalt,  Robert Laenen as Private Dewell / Van Pelt, Heather Fairbanks as Mary Dewell,  Aqeel Ash-Shakoor  as Jumanji, Ammar Nemo as Lucas, Walker Fairbanks as Caleb, and others. the other Hollywood productions on this list are budgeted for $100s of millions, this production has been brought in for approximately $10K.  What does this say to Hollywood?  Wake up, Hollywood!  You have convinced leagues of aspiring filmmakers that a no-budget film cannot be…well…

We would like to thank Heather Fairbanks for her bravery and generosity as she explains that “Jumanji Level One” is not a feature film but is instead a fundraising effort for Anchors Hospice of Michigan and Programs for Children. All proceeds from this donation page go to help families with children suffering from terminal illnesses. Anchors Children’s Hospice of Michigan is an amazing organization and they need your help. Please follow the link to donate.

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This film will be released in January. Please check out the second teaser trailer above.

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