Trailer for ‘Project Horror’ is now online

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A birthday party takes a dark turn. What happened the night of Beth’s birthday party? Will Jamie be able to help Agent 1 in solving the mysterious events that unfolded?

The trailer for the Robert Holland/Fellpeller Studios/Pocket Lint Productions/Rob E. Film “Project Horror” is now online.  This is Robert Holland’s directorial debut film.

Check out the trailer here:

Since being posted on December 24, this trailer has had over 1250 views on youtube.   So far this trailer has garnered such praise as:

“Good job – Keep it up – I want to watch your first film!” Lance Kawas

“I can’t wait for this film!” Scott Rayburn

“Not too bad. A bit of it could be fixed but it looks great!” Bad Seed FX

“Looks fn dope!! I love the score & Springs scream at the end (that echo effect was a nice touch!” Brian Heintz

Says director Robert Holland on Facebook, “The feedback has been overwhelming!! I can’t wait to finish this movie and share with you all. This is all grassroots marketing so I can’t thank you enough for sharing the trailer and telling your friends to watch, it’s working!! Thank you for your continued support!

Written by Robert Holland and Albert Gerber, directed by Robert Holland, “Project Horror stars Bobby Laenen as Agent 1, Spring Lyons as Joy, Patrick Harney as Agent 2, Callie Bussell as Beth, Brian Heintz as Eric and Ammar Nemo as Dylan.

The world of horror will change forever.

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