Official trailer for Marvin .J. Harrell’s ‘Dark Noel’ is now online

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The official trailer for Marvin Jermaine Harrell and the Film School Dropouts production of “Dark Noel” is now online.   M.J. Harrell was born as Marvin Jermaine Harrell. He is a director and cinematographer, known for Many Moons (2019), I.S.O. (2018), and Molly Kule.

In the movie, “Dark Noel,” Garrett Handrich is a man with a great spirit and disturbing past. One that brings forth a lot of joy and happiness as well as loss. Garrett now finds himself looking for peace and serenity but quickly learns that his demons still have not completely left him. While trying to stay within his good nature, his past challenges the very spirit of him and his heart. Merry Christmas.

Here’s a special trailer from Film School Dropouts, M. J.. Harrel, Vincent Edwards,  and Tommy Wolf along with the cast and crew to give you a glimpse of what’s on the way!

Written by Vincent Edwards, Coady Ries, and M.J. Harrell, directed by M. J. Harrell, “Dark Noel” stars
 Scott Konkel as Garrett Handrich, Tommy Wolf as john Gore,  Amanda Foster as Taylor, Marcus Woods as Grant Williamson,  Dylan Hughes as Nick, Nathan Harris as Dr. Thomas Chambers, Alexandria Barron  as Sarah, Minny Niiche as Jude,  Alexandria Courtney as Amanda Raddison,  Charlie Avink as Kid Garrett, Ryelin Amar as Kid Geo,  Mackenzie Banuelos as Meggan,  Sasha Anderson as Jaila,  Mya Engelman as Maddie,
Nathan Harris as Dr. Chambers,  and Tammy McFall as Dr. Susan Abioden.

“Dark Noel” is scheduled for release on December 25, 2021.


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