Review: It’s not too late to put this Michigan-made, family oriented movie in each of your Holiday stockings–A Bennett Song Holiday

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Christmas is almost upon us, but it’s not too late to add this family-oriented movie in each of your stockings, or gather around the yule time fire with family and stream this from one of your favorite streaming platforms.  We are talking about a movie that has attracted warm reviews and has quickly become everyone’s favorite–A Bennett Song Holiday.

Penned by Nancy Oeswein, directed by multi-award-winning Harley Wallen, “A Bennett Song Holiday” picks up where a “Bennett Song”  (formerly “United Colors of Bennett-Song”) left off.  “Bennett-Song was about a blended family of fourteen children on a collision course. They find laughs, music, love, and a few answers about what it means to be an American family in the 21st century.

In “A Bennett Song Holiday,” the family overcomes new obstacles and finds new ways to celebrate the holidays.   In this sequel, with a baby on the way, the diverse Bennett-Song family teams up to stop a developer who wants to close down the community center. Love, teamwork, and holiday magic are sure to save the day!

Starring Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actor Corbin Bernsen, best known for his role as Arnie Becker,  the opportunistic divorce lawyer from LA Law,  a show in which he appeared for the show’s eight-year run. In “A Bennett Song Holiday,” Bernson appears as Aiden Neville, a cold-hearted, money-driven, morally compromised real estate mogul with a chip on his shoulder whose singular focus is to wrestle away control of the town’s owned community center and commercialize the property for his own gain. Being #1 and making hard decisions is his thing, and he generally thinks he knows best and doesn’t mind teaching others a lesson in acquiring and conquering.  With the help of his equally unprincipled accomplices, brother Paul (Fred Buchalter) and Paul’s fiancée, Aiden’s co-conspirator Tessa (Kaiti Wallen), assist with this takeover. Community is damned.

Dennis Haskins, best known as principal Mr. Belding of Saved by the Bell fame, plays Grandpa Sam Bennett,  a friendly, good-natured, and easy to talk to grand-father who, through strength and support, becomes the cornerstone of the family’s choosing, inspiring the family to come together as a unified front, he instills the needed encouragement to stand up against Aiden and demonstrates that working together they can overcome what they think is insurmountable.

Calhoun Koenig plays Pearl, Cole’s stepdaughter, whose aspirations to be a pro musician yield frustration and opportunity during the family crisis. Pearl’s band has just returned from their first tour when Stefani (Angelina Danielle Cama), her best friend and saxophone player, tells her she wants to leave the band, something her boyfriend encourages her to do. This leaves Pearl heartbroken as Stefani was her perfect sounding board, and it was their understanding that they were in this together for the long haul  Bryce Xavier as teen music sensation Logan French, takes an interest in Pearl, not only professionally but romantically as well, a feeling that’s mutually felt. When forced to come up with the needed money for the community center or lose it, the family plans a big Christmas concert featuring Pearl – especially if they can get Logan French to perform.

While the family plans Pearl’s concert, her siblings hatch an alternative plan that involves playing an A Christmas Story-like prank on Aiden’s softer-hearted brother Paul (Fred Buchalter).

As it is almost Christmas, the Weekender wishes to shout out to all involved.  Because of the enormity of this cast, it’s hoped no one is forgotten. But to the primary supporting roles including Bryce Xavier as teen music sensation Logan French, Victoria Mullen, Morgan Nimmo, Evan Keoshian, Dennis Marin, Aleksandra Luca, Da’Mya Gogoua, Joseph Ouellette, Janellyn Woo, Lucas Yessayan, La’Kenya Howard-Luster, Arielle Olkhovsky, Maya Patel, Rees Curran, and Cayleigh Brown we wish you a Merry Christmas.

And to the additional primary and supporting appearances are made (but not even close to limited to) Angelina Danielle Cama, Vickie Lynn Smith, Chevonne Wilson, Kyle Patrick, Skylar Mayton, Phillip Shaun DeVone, Kimberly Cruchon Brooks, Colleen Gentry, Shirley Moon Koebbe, Denise Emilia Sandulescu, Shelby Bradley, Bennie Taylor, Lauren Carlini, Marie Muhammad, and Jordan Prisby., a very bright Holiday.

With this most diverse cast, including deaf actors who speak ASL, poignant issues addressed include racism, loyalty, education, and tolerance. Family and community will always triump over crass commercialization.  Family are your forever friends.

About A Bennett Song Holiday
Vision Films, Auburn Moon Productions, and Painted Creek Productions are proud to present the heart-warming new film about love, acceptance, and inclusion. A Bennett Song Holiday premiered November 10, 2020, but it is not too late to catch it now and bring what is truly a family-oriented, feel-good movie into the house for the Holidays.  A Bennett Song Holiday is available via the following streaming giants: iTunes, Vimeo, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, and Vimeo, and hundreds of U.S. cable providers including Comcast, Spectrum, Charter, Cox, Dish, DirecTV,  and more. Would you like to do more than stream it? After you have watched it, you can find it at DVD retailers such as Amazon, and all other major online DVD dealers will be handling this release. Canadian cable providers include Rogers, Shaw, and Bell. Tell ‘em Vents sent ya!


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