Starface Films and Darren Brown Films announce casting call for DYMEZ: The Movie

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This one is going to be fun!

Casting call

DYMEZ is a dramedy about three young women that plan foolish heists with their SMART phones. The three ladies will soon find out that L-O-V-E is not the only 4 letter word that will break their heart, F-A-T-E is the other. Dealing with men is not easy, and it’s going to take team-work to make their scheme work. Will their old ways get in the way of making their new life? Does change really make cents and at what cost?

Actors Needed

Kima – (Late 20’s ) Kima is a kind-hearted, sensible woman. But her boyfriend James keeps her engaged with all his street problems and she, in turn, neglects herself.

Keisha – (Late 20’s ) Keisha is a fun-loving “D” girl. Always the life of the party.

Pam – (Late twenties) Pam is a lesbian. Sometimes. She has something to prove in every situation. Aggressive with her friends but will do anything for them.

James – (Early 30’s) Kima’s boyfriend. Very demanding and aggressive. Street dude.

Combs – (Early 30’s) Combs takes pride in the fact that he is a handsome street dude. Even though he has no chance with Pam, he wants her. The competition between the two intensifies with every conversation they have.

Sean – (Early 30’s) Keisha’s coke-snorting, disrespectful baby daddy.

Please send resume and headshot to Title “Casting” Please include contact information. If selected you will receive your side and an invitation to a virtual read .

The Deadline for all inquires is Dec. 26.

Contact Darren Brown Films on Facebook at
Or call (313) 450-2042

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