‘The Quest Trilogy’ is becoming a holiday ‘must watch’ classic

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Forty Nights, Chasing the Star and The Christ Slayer make up the three parts of CDI’s biblical adventure series THE QUEST TRILOGY released by Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

The Quest Trilogy
Part 1 Forty Nights
Part 2 Chasing the Star
Part 3 The Christ Slayer

These three films having been inspired both by Chuck Heston biblical classics and the “heroic journey’ storytelling style found in the original three Star Wars films – The Quest Trilogy presents a series of individual adventures intertwined by a unified story thread woven within all three. The films focus on little-explored moments of the Bible asking questions like-

What happen to Jesus in his pre-ministry trek to the desert? (Forty Nights)
Who and what were the magi like who went chasing the star? (Chasing the Star)
What do we know about the Roman soldier who put the spear to Christ’s side? (The Christ Slayer)

All three films were penned by screenwriter DJ Perry (Wild Faith, Man’s Best Friend, Lost Heart) and produced by Collective Development Inc.. The films were directed by three different directors whose style matches up to the told story. Jesse Low directed Forty Nights, Bret Miller directed Chasing the Star and Nathaniel Nose directed The Christ Slayer.

The films have rolled out over the last few years individually and now are about to be presented in the chosen format as a series of films. The angels and the Devil make up the thread throughout the three stories. These films are biblical fictional taking fact where it can be found and bringing the moments to life. The result is a refreshing and exciting take on these seldom explored biblical events.


The films are being distributed by Bridgestone Multimedia Group and can be seen on their Encourage TV site in addition to major platforms and streaming services worldwide.

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