Dylan Sides shares more BTS photos from ‘Jumanji: Level One’–Watch the release of the Official ‘Jumanji: Level One’ trailer today.

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Wow! What a mistake!  For the last article on “Jumanji: Level One,” some photos were shared in error.  Almost immediately, a couple of quick-witted individuals pointed out that these behind-the-scenes photos did not in-fact come from “Jumanji: Level One.”  They had come from the “Good Thief,”  another Lance Kawas directed feature which had just wrapped after eight long years from the date that it first started production.  (More on that in another article.)

How could this happen?  A mistake this big seldom happens in this publication and is caught so fast.  To think, there are people who actually read this rag,  much less get triggered by something like this! But these astute readers (two of them) must be thanked.   Thank you.  (The names of these fine fellas could not again be found.)

In preparation for this article which caused so much controversy, Dylan PMd had offered some photos.  Where they were from was never questioned.  “Jumanji: Level One” had not yet been released.   Unless you knew both “Jumanji: Level One,” and “Good Theif,”  who knew?  These guys did. The photos were blindly added to the article.

Well, the Weekender cannot be accused of being unresponsive to the few readers it has.   Here are some more photos which have this time originated from “Jumanji: Level One.”  This has been verified, and these photos are certified as coming from this production.  Used with permission.

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It should be mentioned too that Pierre Vaucher created the score for this production as he has for the other Controlled Chaos Productions, LLC, Lance Kawas directed films.

If you are not doing anything at 1:00 PM this afternoon, make certain to tune into the Jumanji: Level One official trailer release.

See how it all began. Two children receive a mysterious game after their father goes missing in the jungles of Africa. They unravel both the secret of their father’s disappearance and the origin of Jumanji. Set in 1869. This is a limited prequel series to the 1995 Jumanji film. Coming this winter. Directed by Lance Kawas, Executive Produced by Dylan Sides & Bobby Laenen, Director of photography Dylan sides, Written by Christina Tomlinson, Brought to you by Anchors Children’s Hospice of Michigan.

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