‘Jumanji: Level One’ wraps filming, enters post–Teaser trailer now online

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Are you familiar with the Jumanji story?  If not, here it is in brief. According to legend, going back to the late 1800s, two brothers bury a chest in the woods from which can be heard the sound of tribal drum-beats.   Over a century later, the chest is uncovered at a construction site.  Inside is the board game Jumanji.

Played with a roll of the dice,  it’s found that the game pieces advance by themselves. With each roll, a cryptic message describing the roll’s outcome appears in the crystal ball at the center of the board.   As the game is played,  participants are drawn into a jungle setting from which they can only escape if the game is played to completion, and the players work together to finish the game.   Playing Jumanji proves to be a wild and curious ride.

But how did this cursed game come to be?  What adventures did the first players have who played Jumanji?  What happened before the two brothers originally buried it?  These and other answers will be revealed in a yet to be released movie being produced by Controlled Chaos Enterprises, with a tremendous assist from Sony Pictures.

“Jumanji: Level One” finished filming on October 31. Here are some photos shot the final day as it wrapped.  This movie is now in post-production.

Written by Dylan Sides, co-written by Christina Tomlinson, directed by Lance Kawas (known for “Rise of the Mask” (2018), “Revenge of the Mask” (2019), and Oden’s 9 (2020)) ,  “Jumanji: Level One” stars Justin Mane as Private Greenwalt,  Robert Laenen as Private Dewell / Van Pelt, Heather Fairbanks as Mary Dewell,  Aqeel Ash-Shakoor  as Jumanji, Ammar Nemo as Lucas, Walker Fairbanks as Caleb, and others.

Says Dylan Sides, “I’m so humbled that Sony gave us the chance to do this and that I was able to be the Director of photography and have my brothers Lance Kawas direct, Bobby Laenen star and executive produce, with me and my amazing wife Christina Tomlinson writing and costuming this crazy project.”

Jumanji: Level One teaser trailer is now online. 

Look for “Jumanji: Level One’s” official first full trailer to be released this Thanksgiving,  and that the website will be up just before then

“Jumaji: Level One” is scheduled for release on December 31, 2020.

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  1. When is the movie supposed to launch? The dat keeps changing, I’m beginning to think we’ll never be able to see it.

    1. The best answer we can give you is things are up in the air.

      Before they can release the film, they must get a final approval from Sony. They are supposed to resubmit today, and if they get that approval, it may release as early as today, or Saturday at the latest.

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