Nicholas Holland’s teaser trailer for ‘An Intrusion’ has dropped

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The teaser trailer for Nicholas Holland’s invasion thriller “An Intrusion” has dropped.  Began before the pandemic, with principal production finished in December,  it has resumed with pick-up shots and post-production work being done with attention given the CDC protocols followed.  There is medical staff on the set.

Holland, the founder of Diamond Dead Media Productions, has been directing and writing independent films for nearly a decade.  This invasion thriller is a wholly higher level of production quality than anything he has done to date.

As this narrative unfolds, a family is subjected to a series of home invasions, physical threats, and psychological torture.  The family’s daughter is followed to school by a stalker. Is what the family is experiencing the father’s fault? Is his infidelity to blame?  Can he keep his indiscretions from his wife?

When the husband realizes that this is the result of someone he least expects, and it is the result of something much worse, a major shift occurs.

Filmed in and around Detroit and Lake Orion,  with scenes for the movie being shot at several locations area residents will quickly recognize – from restaurants to Lake Orion Village Hall, a home on Lake Orion’s Dollar Bay, and in the Vezina Law Firm, the film, set to be released in mid-2020, was directed and written by Nick Holland of White Lake and produced by Sam Logan Khaleghi of West Bloomfield.

“An Intrusion” stars Keir Gilchrist, Sam Logan Khaleghi, Scout Taylor-Compton, Arkansas-based actor Dustin Prince, and local actresses Erika Hoveland and Angelina Cama.

Gilchrist portrays the boyfriend of the daughter whose family is being stalked – and also one of the suspects. This is the second time Gilchrist has filmed in Michigan. The first was for the film It Follows, which was shot in and around Clawson. Originally from Toronto, he says Michigan reminds him of home.

Scout Taylor-Compton plays LOPD Detective Savannah Simpson in the film. She did some of her training for the role with the Lake Orion Police Department.  She is a veteran of the screen, and has starred in such films as remakes of Halloween horror movies, The Runaways (2010), An American Crime (2007), and roles in the television shows as Gilmore Girls, Charmed, Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy and the CSI and NCIS franchises.

Angelina Danielle Cama plays Rebecca Hodges, Layne’s girlfriend in the film. Cama has starred in the films Betrayed (2018), Enigma (2019), and Eternal Code (2019).

Erika Hoveland was born in Alberta, Canada. She is a classically trained Shakespearen actress and producer, known for Injustice for All (2016), Eternal Code (2019) and Before I Wake (2016).  She will portray Joyce Hodges in this movie.

Billy Boyd was born in Glasgow, Scotland.  He is known for his role as Pippin in the Lord of the Rings Triology.  He will appear as Minister Fairfield.

“An Intrusion” is expected to be released in late fall of 2020.

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