Dylan Sides shares BTS photos from ‘Jumanji: Level One’

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How do you follow up the first of a viral short film trilogy that blew up the internet two years ago?  This fan-film based on the Black Horse comic series “The Mask” would become a legend itself.

After the original “Revenge of the Mask,” directed by Lance Kawas, and filmed by cinematographer Istvan Lettang, with music by Pierre Vaucher would approach almost 30M views,  it was removed by the original publishers because they felt threatened.

After an agreement was met, subsequent episodes, “Rise of the Mask (2019)” and “Oden 9 (2020)” followed.

What to do?  There has been no shortage of things to do, but when Sony Pictures comes a-knocking,  you drop what you are doing, and answer the door.  This is an opportunity that comes around once a lifetime.

Well, the team, which calls itself Controlled Chaos Enterprises is back together again (were they ever apart?) and accepting this opportunity, they have started work on another storyline which is certain to generate results.  They have started production of “Jumanji: Level One.”

While not much can be disclosed because of signed NDAs, this is known:  “Jumaji: Level One” takes place in 1869, before the events of the original movie. It will finally reveal how the cursed game came to be and the adventures of the first people who played Jumanji.

What has been approved to share has been these behind the scenes photos.  Have a look.

Stamp this movie, Made-in-Michigan.

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