Catch the Devil’s Night Gallery Film & Art Event 2020 online until October 31–It’s FREE!

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What?  You say you missed the Devil’s Night Gallery Film & Art Event this year!  You say that you had no idea that this year’s event would be a virtual online event?  Did you know that you can still see the eleven films which made up this event this year, as well as the art-work which accompanied each short film?  You can! And it’s FREE!

But you will have to do so before October 31.  That is the night of All Hallow’s Eve.  After that, this award-winning event will disappear like a ghost in the night.  When it’s gone, it’s gone.  You will not be able to channel it, nor will any seance bring it back until next year.

So, in the comfort of your home, where all things are familiar to you,  and you know that the noises that you hear are only your house settling, or your refrigerator making those strange gurgling sounds, you can watch eleven of this year’s best hand-selected short films of ultimate terror from around the globe..  There under a blanket on your couch, you can tell yourself, “There are no such things as ghosts!  There are no such things as ghosts!”  That is correct, isn’t it?

Now, if you will welcome your host, a strange little man, and the worst Rod Serling impersonator in the world, on either side of that ethereal barrier which separates the real from the unreal, that separates the light from the dark…

Let us gather once more in the Devil’s Night Gallery to witness the manifestation of art from the dark corners of the mind in dual forms.

Like all things in 2020, Devil’s Night Gallery is temporarily evolving to a strictly online event. We will still honor the spirit of Rod Serling and his Night Gallery by presenting films and artwork based on them with our always terrible impersonator host but in a digital medium. It will be very much like our live show, but now the whole world will be able to join in and witness it.

For those who are new to this event, Devil’s Night Gallery is the only film festival in the world inspired by Rod Serling’s classic tv series, Night Gallery. The event features 11 short films in the spirit of the series, typically horror-themed and with some sort of twist in the story. Each film has an original piece of art created for it by a local artist and is revealed by our terrible Rod Serling impersonator during the introduction to each film.

This year the show is free and open to all to watch! Simply visit the following link until October 31th


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